Monday, March 26, 2007

Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue

It must really SUCK to be stuck in Palestine. Gaza especially. What could have been the Rivera of the Med is now like some gang contested no mans land: barren, blasted and as desolate as the surface of the moon.

Palestinian leaders are corrupt (nearly 433 MILLION bucks out of the billion or so Comrade 'Papa' Arafat collected has vanished faster than a sack of primo at a Greenday concert), indifferent to their people, torment their own people and their neighbors. Al Fatah or the HAMAS - both have blown it big time, time after time. Arafat and the old school PLO's 'phased plan' to destroy Israel versus the HAMAS and their plan to eradicate Israel all at once.

And for what? Let's review recent events: The HAMAS won an election in Palestine, failed to renounce violence, renewed their call to destroy a democratic member of the UN and promptly lost their source of cash from the West.

Using the death of a family on the beach, from what very well could have been mines planted by al Fatah during the 2002 intifahdah to preclude the naughty IDF from launching an amphibious assault, the HAMAS violated sovereign territory, kidnapped Israelis troops and increased pot shots at Israeli turf and civilians with home made K'ssam rockets. Essentially, starting a war that they lost. Next up, Palestinians turn their murderous intolerance on each other - the HAMAS and al Fatah conduct a gangster style hit campaign that may or may not be over now.

While it was SWEET to see formally masked gunmen in knock off Armani suits begging for cash, it is also equally amusing that while Palestinians try to act like weak, desperate victims, their former supporters in the Arab world have learned the hard way NOT to send their own aircraft and armor to liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.

Meanwhile Palestinians are cooking in their own, especial, made from scratch sauce. Like this poll from Palestine reprinted in the Jerusalem Post.

"More than two thirds of Palestinians feel Hamas has failed at running the government, according to a poll conducted in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported on Monday.
Over half of those surveyed felt that Hamas gave up a significant part of the group's election platform by joining the new unity government with Fatah.
In addition, less than a quarter of those surveyed said they would vote for the party again if elections were held now.
The poll also showed that nearly one third of Palestinians would emigrate to areas outside of the PA territories if they could.
The survey was published by the An-Najah University in Nablus. "

33% of Palestinians would leave if they could! Amazing!

America's Secretary of State is there right now to try and ressurect a 'peace plan'. YAWN. Is it really up to America to try to revive a 'Peace Process'? Of all the conflicts since WWII, why is this one impossible to solve?

Ever heard of Germans detonating in downtown Gdansk to protest the Polish occupation of Danzig? Or Greeks launching home made rocket attacks on Turkish schools for the right of return to Smyrna? The Chinese never made suicide runs at the capitol in Hong Kong to fight British Imperialism and occupation.

History actually makes the opposite case - that all this never ending, on again off again roadmaps, peace plans, 'meetings' etc, by Western powers to negotiate Israeli-Palestinian peace make the problem worse, not better.

Might it not be closer to the truth to say that Arab radicalism is the cause of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute--not the result of it?

That there is no peace because Israel's neighbours--and too many of the world's Muslims--cannot bear the idea of an egalitarian society, with a free and uncensored press, open and transparent elections in their midst or accept the right of a tolerant, non-Arab, non-Muslim minority to live unsubjugated in the Middle East. That is the true basis of the dispute, and it cannot be fixed by negotiation. At least not with what is misruling Palestine now.

If the HAMAS could recognize Israel, adhere to previous agreements, stop suicide bombing, reign in and disband any number of their nearly two dozen militias, stop honor killings, grant equal rights to women, establish a free and uncensored press, create an independent judicial system based on the rule of law instead of the sharia, allow the treasury to be openly accountable, plan and hold periodic, free and fair elections, announce that any 'jews' who wish to live in Gaza or the West Bank will enjoy the same rights as Arabs in Israel - then they may find the free world would support such moves.

But all that is a lot of ifs, ya'll. And so for the present, Palestinian leaders shouldn’t be surprised that Americans find nothing in their bizarro world of 'shame' and 'honor' (that seems to be based between the legs of their sisters, daughters and wives), that even, kinda or sort of appeals to our values or sympathy.

After seeing Palestinians dancing in the streets passing out Laffy Taffy on 911, the Karine A, the Sedar Massacre, Palestinian intolerance, honor killing and gender aparthied, is it a surprise that Americans don't really blame Israel for wanting to wall themselves off from these slightly unhinged people?

The Arabs could have had peace with Israel on easy terms at any time since 1949. They have persistently refused it. The Palestinians could have had a state in the West Bank and Gaza at any time since 1967. Camp David 2000 - Bill Clinton and Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat the most favourable deal ever offered to the Palestinians. They cannot seem to get their act together. Palestine's sad, failed, goofy track record of intolerance and self inflicted misery precludes one dime of aid from democracies. Leave them to the tender mercies of their arab brothers and neighbors. It must really SUCK to be stuck in Palestine.


Jim Simpson said...

Good post Girlfriend! For some more good history on the PLO et al, check out my post here:

There is no point to any of these people.

Avi said...

I'll blogroll you if you blogroll me

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Thanks ya'll. Putting the PSF piece together has about wiped me out about the PLO, the Nakbah and "...the heap of burning coals on the heads of the Ummah, the eternal shame and bitter poison of the Zionist Entity..." All those intolerant doofus grande's (who cannot even say the name "Israel" out loud. Great site ye have there.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Bravo!!! Well writ! If any of this were really about a Palestinian state there would have been one by now.

It is nothing more than the deep seated hatred and ignorance of the Islamists; nothing but the destruction of Israel, followed by the spread of sharia will sate their appetites.

If anyone were to doubt or does doubt the existence of good and evil, God and the devil, they need only look to these people to understand what satan is all about.

velvethammer said...

This is a most excellent article!

After having read your message at MyBlogLog, I thought I would pop over and see what you have going on. Impressive! I especially got a huge kick out of your "Dissing the Dictator" post. I like your style.


"they need only look to these people to understand what satan is all about."

Any so called religion, which calls for the murders of Christians and apostates, has evil running straight through to it's core. Only the blindly ignorant would not realize this. Appeasers and apologetics only add fuel to the fire.