Monday, November 5, 2007


"Jealousy - such an evil thang" are lyrics breathed rather than sung (ala Jessica Simpson) on a track on Paris Hilton's CD. It also provides a wickedly clever sound track to the current, weirdly comical death throes of the know it all club of Realism.

"Realpolitik" is a hold over from an old school era. Instantly Americanized by The Great Satan into 'Realism', America didn't care how unfree, how uncool, how total despotism was in nations - as long as they kept out the Commies and Mohammedist fundies they could treat their own people as they wished. Protection gauranteed. Good times.

Ah, the avatar realists - hallowed names in American statecraft like Baker, Scowcroft, Talbot and Kissinger. Alas many of their ilk cannot come to terms with fact that 911 incinerated their ideas and policies just as surely as the nearly 3K innocents who showed up for work that day.

Dr.Fred Kaplan's bizarro "Condi is a Retard' 2 page rant in the Washington Post. Cats who spent their entire adult lives explaining, expounding and exploiting their amoral Cult of Stability are NOT going down without a fight.
"Long after her celebrity and charm have been forgotten, her epitaph will endure:
She pursued democracy at the expense of stability, and achieved neither."

"Jealousy such a wicked thang" blinds one to their own failures. Like pursuing stability. In the real world (no pun intended) this thug hugging theory brought no stability, no peace and no democracy. Kaplan and Co have left a mess that has spawned instability, terrorism, oil embargoes, genocide and several wars. The Great Satan has had to take out the trash for a world that bought all their outdated ideas.
"Rice remains one of the architects of a fantasy foreign policy."

Now this is particularly RICH ya'll - keep in mind Dr. Kaplan's main claim to fame is the unhappy fact he was the mentor for Ex Def Sec Les Aspin. The cat who was sacked for stopping the armored sons of the Great Satan from following their spiritual paw paws like Generals Sherman and Patton and totally annihilating our enemies in the 'Black Hawk Down' episode.

"Democracy, it turned out, was no cure-all. Democratic governments thrive or crumble on whether they can mediate conflicting claims without much violence. Had Rice only understood this."
Au contraire mon frere! Dr Rice realizes (again no pun intended) what enables free governments to thrive. Her presentation of The Great Satan's "Nonnegotiable Demands of Human Dignity" made it very clear that
"...the rule of law, limits on state power, free speech, religious liberty,
equal justice, property rights, tolerance of difference and respect for
are the model for success.

Dr Kaplan seems distressed and slightly unhinged as he dings Dr Rice for the July August War of 2006 and disses her for telling Egypt's President for Life
"For 60 years the United States has pursued stability at the expense of
democracy in this region and we achieved neither. Now we are taking a different
Dr Kaplan is jealous and downright dissed that Americans haven't chucked her ideas and dialed up 1988 on the Way Back Machine.
"Rice isn't used to failure, and most Americans aren't used to thinking of her as
True enough. Dr Rice and most Americans ARE thinking of 13 years long 'No Fly zones', 'stability', and 'UN Resolutions' as failures that only the Great Satan unbound can rectify.

Another unimportant irony is that Dr. Kaplan has well established bona fides. If only they were matched by common sense.

"Jealousy - such a stupid thang"


Fred Kaplan said...

Think of me whatever you want, but get your facts straight. I was hardly "the mentor" of Les Aspin. I was his defense-policy legislative assistant from 1978-80, before he was chairman of the House armed services committee, much less secretary of defense.
You can return to your ranting now.

Fred Kaplan

Fred Kaplan said...

Say whatever you want about me, I really don't care, but get your facts straight. I was hardly "mentor" to Les Aspin. I was his legislative assistant on defense policy from 1978-80, before he was chairman of the House armed services committee, much less secretary of defense. By the time he went to the Pentagon, I had long been a reporter and, in those years, was the Moscow bureau chief for the Boston Globe.
Return to your ranting now.

Fred Kaplan

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Dr. Kaplan, your bona fides also include a pulitzer prize and an essential volume in any library - the Wizards of Armageddon - your example of service to something larger than self is role model material.

Truly, how could anyone in your august presence not retain a small bit of your influence and ideals?

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

"Long after her celebrity and charm have been forgotten, ...democracy at the expense of stability, and achieved neither."

I wonder what is stable about 9/11/01 or anything in the M.E.? Realpolitik for half a century and the dividends it is paying these days is nil; it actually has a cost. Bush doctrine six years and it's declared an utter failure. Sounds more like some don't like letting go. Realpolitik should be a stop gap until we get around to your turn; not a way of diplomacy.

Is it jealousy or the loss of influence. If Realpolitik is out he is riding a serious mid-life
crisis that no sports car can soothe.

Nice job knitting him an asshat, he needs it; Winter's coming.

Roger W. Gardner said...

Well GSG, you bestirred the Great One. Seems like some interesting folk are drawn to your fab and exciting site!

Keep stirring the stew and cook us up a few more.

I'm glad to see that Mr. K. gave you permission to return to your ranting.

Roger G.

Susan Duclos said...

Go get em girlie!!!!

HCdL said...

Wasn't it so very nice of Sire Kaplan to give you permission to "rant?" Guy is almost as arrogant as, oh,

Go get'em darlin!

Right Truth said...

Well, look at you. Seems you hit a nerve here. Woohoo! You're articles are sharp, piercing, straight for the bulls-eye. Keep up the good work.

Right Truth

AmPowerBlog said...

Yep, you must have hig a nerve - you go girl!

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