Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Set Up?

Whoa! The most probable possible possibility of a third Command Change in Talibanland in these last three summers is significant. Changing the guard again - right now - may in fact be way more than McC4 backblast from the risque Rolling Stone Iview.

As best understood - General Mc out flanked and out maneuvered certain elements in 44's Band of Ditherers last year on the long road of indecision and got nearly everything the mission required.

Diplopolititary intrigues, MacArthur MacMoments and machinations aside, the fully crunk psychic Brookings cat and former Sec o' States Internat'l Security Advisor Dr Michael O'Hanlon breathes an interesting breath of video vengeful visionary proportions.

Essentially - it could be interpreted that General McChrystal was set up by anti victory Retreatists, still stung over last years Mac attack.

Check the video Iview with Dr O' here - McChrystal Ordered to White House

Pic "Some Like It Hot!"


J. said...

Shorter version of Mikie's commentary: "gez, that sure doesn't sound like Stan the Man with whom I've drank Bud Lites! This is a really perplexing issue. He's such a great guy."

Yeah, I wish I had that tough job of being a Serious Defense Analyst.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi J, honestly if we both served as Serious Defense Analysts, seriously doubt Bud Lite Lime would be the drink of champions!

Dr. O'Hanlon had some interesting points - the timeline seemed kinda hokey and a case could be made that the posse of Especial Envoys, Czars and diplopolitical cats need to get with it.

J. said...

Now if I were a well-paid, publicized Serious Defense Analyst, I'd be drinking Sam Adams or Yingling Laeger or Bass Ale.

Oh wait, I drink those already. Never mind.