Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Week Ever!

Wiki Liquer kicked off the week with hot deets - devouring shameless, sad incorrect memes. Few surprises - yet - aside from the delightful sensation (kinda tingly, actually) of being proven correct on nearly every matter of un and import.

Tons of quizes about Assange - One of the hottest -"Think creatively. The WikiLeaks document dump is sabotage, however quaint that term may seem. We are at war - a hot war in Afghanistan where six Americans were killed just this past Monday, and a shadowy world war where enemies from Yemen to Portland, Ore., are planning holy terror. Franklin Roosevelt had German saboteurs tried by military tribunal and executed. Assange has done more damage to the United States than all six of those Germans combined."

At least Great Satan's Cyber Command seems to be on the case - the Wiki Leaks site has been chased around the world - last word being hosted in the minaret free zone of Swizzylanders. 

Outrageous actually - to imagine in the attorney heavy Age of Stuxnet, Wiki Leaks is alive and well, while over 3 score illicit musical downloader sites (that never betrayed or killed anyone) are shut down.

Teufel Hunden Verboten! Leatherneckers banned from scoping out Assange's audacious gossip airing fest  

Censorship? "Fact is, if you want to read the leaked stuff, you can- for the rest of your damn life. But no one is obliged to make it any easier." 

Sazeman-e Hefazate Ettela'at! Iran's internal security cats -a Revo Guard org natch - has been worried too much about soft targets like Barbie and Road Runner (meep meep!) to actually do their real gig - protecting high ranking members of the Regime's nuclear chicanery drive. 

Oh Snap! Fergie Ferg gets felt up at LA X - maybe professional laffy taffy is a security threat?

Little and Great Satan share quite a bit in common in city fighting (a new improved bloody Aachen style) with the same MO and results - yet totally diff response in the internat'l community:
 New York Times reported that in Afghanistan’s Kandahar region, “American forces are encountering empty homes and farm buildings left so heavily booby-trapped by Taliban insurgents that the Americans have been systematically destroying hundreds of them” in order “to reduce civilian and military casualties.” They even destroyed houses that weren’t booby-trapped because “searching empty houses was often too dangerous.” And as an Afghan official correctly noted, “It’s the insurgents and the enemy of the country that are to blame for this destruction, because they have planted mines in civilian houses and main roads everywhere.”

This is precisely what Little Satan did in Cast Lead, for the same reason: Finding tons of booby-trapped houses, schools, even a zoo.  Goldstone, totally dissed that idea, accusing Little Satan of gleefully wrecking the innocent civilian rich joint, in a deliberate effort to target innocent civilians. Far from blaming Hamas for booby-trapping houses, they blamed Little Satan for destroying the traps. No word yet if Goldstone plans to indict Great Satan.

Those cats in the Strip and the Stan were lucky! Coulda gone "Grozny" on 'em!

Dr Col Nagl put steel on target about Iraq. In it to win it - is still powerful meds - regardless of where the action is in CENTCOM's gap. Isolationists - rejoice! World Politics Review broke out predictions and ideas for the free world to down size their militaries, ease tensions (not!) at the same incredible instant they cut and run on security commitments

DPRK continued to hang on in the news this week - in spite of Wiki Leaks - and thanks to China totally queering the mix. "It is unacceptable to 'condemn' or even 'express concern' over North Korea. Security Council talks have come to a standstill."

Ex CIA spy guy and academe au courant Dr Priller indulges in some exceptionally inappropriate hand wringing and Great Satan hating. Embarrassing really - warning about the dangers - not of NoKo, Iran or genocidal Sudan  - but of American Exceptionalism.

Persian and Arabs don't get along much but Shibley Telhami explains Arab street loves a new clear Persia!
No surprise - poor Arab League has been led by the nose for eons by peripheral powers - like Great Britain, the Ottomans, Persia, Little and Great Satan

Don't blame Wiki Leaks - it's the Foreign Policy! Scary stuff that will require heavy petting ala hyper puissance to repair.

DADTDC - Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Care

And the President/CiC visits troops in Afghanistan.

Created with Starbuck from Wings Over Iraq


SecondComingOfBast said...

Am I the only one not bothered by all this? I'm wondering who was with Manning on this. Come on, a Private First Class, with all this unmonitored access, and with all the time this would take to download and distribute, and that's even assuming he didn't take the time to read or listen to what he was downloading.

Why so much emphasis on Hillary Clinton in these releases? Is it ever so slightly possible this could be more about damaging her than Obama, or even the US in general, in the minds of whoever else besides Manning might have facilitated all of this?

I guess this probably demolishes a prediction I made once to the effect that Obama's deal with Hillary at the beginning of his term involved him dumping Biden and taking her as his running mate in 2012.

I guess it pretty much also kills any chance of her running against him in the primaries. Actually I never thought there was ever a snow ball's chance in hell of that happening, but who knows what others might think?

By the way, I don't think the average State Department bureaucrat is above this kind of stuff, I look at it more like a fifty-fifty proposition.