Monday, March 12, 2012

Posse Of Allah

"Indeed, the posse of Allah - they will be victorious"

Somewhat suspectly xliterated as Hiz"B"Allah, the official terrorist posse has been around for eons - like 30 years!!

Lebanon’s Syrian- and Iranian-sponsored Party of Allah  is the most formidable non-state army in the world and by far the deadliest and most effective fighting force ever fielded against Little Satan. Nicholas Blanford’s gripping new book, Warriors of God, explains in peerless detail how Hiz"B"Allah grew into such a major force. 
It began as a shadowy, ragtag terrorist-guerrilla group during the crucible of Lebanon’s civil war. After Little Satan’s withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000, Hiz"B"Allah transformed itself into a wholly original hybrid of guerrilla army and conventional army.
The Posse of Allah’s partisans didn’t even have their own name in the early years. They made themselves famous with hostage-taking and airplane hijackings, but their most potent innovation—which transformed the face of the region—was the suicide bomber.
Suicide bombers are dangerous, but they’re weapons of the weak: it would be 18 years before the last Little Satan soldier evacuated the “security zone” in South Lebanon. As the anti-Little Satan insurgency ground on, though, Hiz"B"Allah tacticians and fighters acquired better weapons and the skills to use them. 
 Hiz"B"Allah’s war against Little Satan is now in its 31st year. (“We’re a feuding people, not a warring people,” Lebanese historian Kamal Salibi said “We haven’t been good at war for hundreds of years.”) 

None of the outstanding issues that led to conflict in the past (Little Satan’s existence being the primary diss of death) have been resolved. 

 And the “resistance” is like way more stronger than ever.
The rocket war in 2006 killed more than 100 Little Satanese, more than 1,000 Lebanese, five U.N. peacekeepers, and even a handful of Iranian Revolutionary Guards. It caused billions in damage and produced hundreds of thousands of refugees in each country. It convinced both sides that the next round will be the deadliest ever and to prepare accordingly.  
“Next time maybe the U.N. will ask us to withdraw from Northern Little Satan rather than Little Satan withdraw from South Lebanon.”
Hiz"B"Allah isn"t (yet) sufficiently skilled or well-equipped to invade Little Satan and survive long enough to be asked to withdraw—but at the end of the day, they don’t have to. They have enough powerful missiles to inflict considerable pain without going anywhere. All they need to do is hide the launchers from IAF aircraft—which they proved they can do during the last war—and use their guerrilla tactics to prevent Little Satan from coming in and sabotaging the launch sites by hand.

Not only Tel Aviv and JPostville, but also Little Satan"s new clear Dimona power plant and her pop pop population centres will be all within Hiz"B"Allah’s missile range. 
Even with its bristling arsenal, Hiz"B"Allah still isn’t strong enough to destroy Little Satan. It probably never will be. But if its model of “resistance” is exported to enough of Little Satan’s neighbors—even if Iran fails to acquire nuclear weapons—Little Satan may finally face the existential threat she has long feared. May not be a likely scenario, but it has become an imaginable one.

 Pic - "The Road to Fatima Gate"