Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick Or Treat!

It's time!

If caught out of time and ill prepped for a T or T costume, here are a few last minute, fast minute ideas:

Mookie al Sadr - Iran's boy Elroy in Iraq til he split the scene pre Surge (lucky for him!) All you really need is a white sheet for a robe, several pillows belted (or bungee corded to make you really girthy) fake beard, fake teeth and a black Turbin thingy. Of course with spectacles - you may get mistaken for Hiz'B'Allah's freak in chief - the body part collector general - Nasrallah (just play it off).

Iranian nuclear diplomat - fake beard (drawn on with crayon is best), suit jacket with NO tie and that creepy beastly little spot betwixt the eyes (alledgedly from headbanging during prayers - afix a piece of pepperoni for that). With specs on - you could get mistaken for HAMAS death cult fanboy Khalid Meshal - again, go with it!

Fidel Castro is prett easy too - old fake Santa beard, od fatigue shirt and a fake (or real) blunt.

Gotta beret? Then it could be Che!

And perhaps the ultimate fright sight - for Great Satan's enemies - if you have the gear - deck out as a Marine, or American GI.

Either way - travel in packs and deploy a royal taster.

Pic - "I'm going as Sec o' State HRC"


Scott McLean said...

Hello. Happy Halloween! I tried to leave a comment not long ago, but I didn't. So here I am... now what was I going to say? Oh well, you're cool. Keep up the good work.