Thursday, June 2, 2016



Interesting piece spinning Little Satan's internal political machinations as a new school way to move from occupying turf gained fair and square in real combat to annexing turf gained fair and square in real combat.

Why not? Annexation would solve probably more more chiz than it would create.

After all, occupation is only a stop gap measure while annexation would logically fulfill the ancient "Three No's of Khartoum" - No Peace With, No Recognition of, No talks with Little Satan that the Arab League imposed on the Arab World way back after the 6 Day War.

Actually, a new meme "Right of Relocation" could easily xfer a few million Palestinians from Wester Bank to their chioce of nearly 24 members of Arab League. 

Many of these nation states could easily assimilate tons of the most literate Arabs ever in world history, with the same dialect, culture and brand of m'hammedism - especially flush with cash from generous reparations from Arab League who started the entire sorry mess to begin with.

So maybe this article is just a chimera to gin up anti Little Satanism over something they truly haven't considered.

Or instead, it should taken as powerful meds to get annexation fully crunk, funded and done with.

Could always proclaim it as l'solution moderne to Sykes Picott