Sunday, August 17, 2008


GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD formally endorses Dr Condoleezza Rice as GOP VP candidate.

Politically -
it's the killer move - totally marginalizing the Donkey Party with a self made grrl on the ticket. The powder puff pieces in the Lame Stream Media would be sweet. "OMG! Didn't know she knew innocent victims of the Birmingham bombing way back in the day." Or "Her fave color is peridot - she loves chocolate chip cookies!"

Her positive ratings are almost nigh unchanged since day one - 69% - way better than HRC, John Edwards - or any GOP contenders.

Any flak on Iraq will seem like sour grapes completely owned by the 'defeat, retreat and repeat" posse.

Dr Rice would most likely point out that unhinged neoconphobic regimes, fanbois, ammoral realpolitikers and boring isolationists
are way out of touch.

"The process of democratization is likely to be messy and unsatisfactory, but it is absolutely necessary. Democracy, it is said, cannot be imposed, particularly by a foreign power. This is true but beside the point. It is more likely that tyranny has to be imposed.

The story today is rarely one of peoples resisting the basics of democracy -- the right to choose those who will govern them and other basic freedoms. It is, instead, about people choosing democratic leaders and then becoming impatient with them and holding them accountable on their duty to deliver a better life.

It is strongly in our national interest to help sustain these leaders,
support their countries' democratic institutions, and ensure that their new governments are capable of providing for their own security, especially when their nations have experienced crippling conflicts."

Plus, Dr Rice could be essential in the wake of rowdy Russia. Projecting the sexyful appeal of democrazy and constant confrontation and selective intervention for nations that seek to draw closer to Great Satan in scary parts of the world.

And finally turning loose America's preimer Kremlinologist with an unbound agenda on Russia would most likely fit Senator McCain's vision of future world - where intolerant bullies, creeps, jerks and retards are - their own choice mind you - marginalized, co opted, democratised or annihilated.

"Bad Condi" by ReId HaRrIs CoOpEr


Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to see Condi as VP, but I just don't think she's up to more politics right now.

Nice posting, NeoCourtney!

Right Truth said...

I heard her this morning, wow, she sounded tough. Put her up against Putin one-on-one -- wouldn't that be something.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Khaki Elephant said...

I'm still holding out for Sarah Palin, but Condi would be a nice surprise. I hope McCain is a friend of Great Satan's Girlfriend, he could use your advice and shake things up a bit.