Friday, August 22, 2008


As the world held Olympic torches and matches and witnessed the most amazing brazen autocratic homage to Leni Riefenstahl's Dritten Reiches"Triumph des Willens" ( Triumphant Will) in Red China's opening ceremonies, sister autocrat Russia brazenly held a hand over Georgia's mouth and pushed her into the closet for some percieved payback of the bearly concealed protuberancing.

As the smoke rose and rose the blame game kicked off. First off, those wicked wild and wacky neocons were daemoneoconized with alas - little effect, Such incorrect, unconvincing sour mouthings were literally clawed out of the sky faster than Deutsch Stuka's @ the Battle of Britain

Hitching their britches higher than Fred Mertz, the three 'Dy's fired off blanks in rapid succession.

In order of appearance the stereophonic High Pulitzer Priest - (often whispered as the spiritual enabler of Al Qaeda's strong horse - weak horse theory) of the corrupt cult of Stability (realpolitik) Dr Freddy Kaplan.

The Pope of illicit, immoral and illogical Isolationism - Paddy Buchanan - preaching about bears and blowback.

And Dr Andy Bacevich (victorious vying versus Dr Michael Desch in the "I'm the smartest military guy in the whole wide world ya'll that nobody pays much attention to anymore").

All three upped the panty ante and put the blame squarely where it belongs.

Every bit of a rapicious, rowdy Russia licking Georgia's peach clean is all America's fault.

Like Kosovo. A tantalizing tit for tat that enchantingly treats current events into a weird twisted discombobulated raison d'equalus that propped up prepped panzer blitzes (with out any UN blessings either) were swift and sweet with sharp sharp teeth.

Good luck with that!

Deploying probale problematic seperatists as tactical minorities to try and knock out a regime change against a democratic member of the UN is fully uncrunk and complete with a hissing, dissing, fur on end, spitting propaganda hissy fit.

Russia deploys her Heavy PR Squadrons:

Now foreign former despotic enablers like Sergie Laravov listing a list of 'why cause' , can choose between:

A democrazie crazed juiced up Georgia on a rampage to embrace the West with a Yay! Great Satan! fanboi reach for markets, trade, travel, reform and protection.

Or, grant autocratic, neurotic, nigh despotic unattractive Vlad cats a "No Free Ho Zone" of former vassals that are instantly transported back in time to Russian rule.

Last of the hand picked old school Collectivist Imperium Leaders for Life Mikhail Gorbachev (j'ever note that bmark looks a lot like a map of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam? ) bears smiling fangs in the most unavuncular fashion possible to disrobe Georgia .

"The West would be wise to help achieve such an agreement now. If,
instead, it chooses to blame Russia and re-arm Georgia, as American officials are suggesting, a new crisis will be inevitable. In that case, expect the worst.


Russia's Energy behemoth Gazprom and her Deutsch frontie Nordstream AG dangles an Ex. Bona fided freely unelected (by a grrl too!) Pol.

Ex Bundes Kanzler Gerhard Schröder (that's Schroeder for the un umlautic) the multied married "der herr der ringe" and super energized enabler has certainly found one ring to cling to above and forsaking, all others.

Even justifying despotic arrogance for maintaining despotic 'tude in bronze in Tallinn or cybernetically confounding and conflicting communications of the free flow of ideas de camp de internet.

Russia's energy ring. Russia's Power Play. Essentially, Russia is essential.

It is a mutual dependency. There is not a single critical problem in
world politics or the global economy that could be solved without Russia -- not the nuclear conflict with Iran, the North Korea question and certainly not bringing peace to the Middle East.

The set of problems relating to the climate can also only be addressed
universally. Incidentally, Moscow ratified the Kyoto Protocol to fight global warming, while we are still waiting for Washington to do so.

And when it comes to energy policy, only dreamers can pursue the idea
that Western Europe could become independent of Russian oil and natural gas. On the other hand, the Russians need reliable buyers for their energy shipments."

Daemoneoconic, dreamy influ is worse than kryptonite in Smallville talk for the four time married super player ex Kanzler. Wild wacky Neocons are deploying Kaganite. Der Herr der ringe ringingly resounds with a four year old gripe that hasn't Surged:

"Kagan, after all, was one of the men who strongly advised intervening in Iraq. The consequences were not pleasant, neither for America nor Europe.

Perhaps one should simply not listen to his advice."

Great Satan's intelligentsia prett much lays out audaciously advice that Great Satan

"...must make Russia pay a terrible price for subverting a democracy. Our policy of promoting liberal governments among the former Soviet republics, with integration into Europe and relations with NATO, was sound, and it cannot be allowed to be aborted by Putin.

Bottom line: Form a ring of democracies around Russia until it sees the
light and likewise evolves into a constitutional state."

Gerhard (who funnily enough could be nom de guerred as Gersoft) also showed a glimmer of energized fangs and cut to the bone.

That is precisely the price. Europe will only be able to play a true
role in the context between America, on the one side, and Asia, on the other, if it manages to establish and maintain a strong relationship with Russia.

I see Russia as part of Europe, more than as part of any other

Wheee! No doubt! Autocratic Russia sees eastern Europa as her ex and soon to be again constellation - with sweet sexy stars like all the hotties of Warsaw Pact - twinkling dreamily in the night. Military wise quite undressed and a mite distressed as they succumb to Vlad's player game of regaining an empire and an energy dependent Europa - glow ho's.

And Europa sees it too - especially the old East Bloc.

Mikhail Gorbachev indeeded sincere blocs of insincerity with

"Indeed, Russia has long been told to simply accept the facts. Here’s the
independence of Kosovo for you. Here’s the abrogation of the Antiballistic Missile Treaty, and the American decision to place missile defenses in neighboring countries. Here’s the unending expansion of NATO. All of these moves have been set against the backdrop of sweet talk about partnership.

Why would anyone put up with such a charade?"

Ooooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Blame Great Satan?

What ev - Fact is, Georgia's plight is nothing Saakashvili did or didn't do - certainly no reason to launch old school WWII Russian front campaigns - or bomb Georgian goodies after the cease fire, dismantle or destroy prospects for a resurgent Georgia or threaten to take Mikheil to the Hauge or act out in a regime change against a democratic member of the UN.

Blaming Great Satan, the NATO, the EU is totally incorrect.

No internat'l predator forced Georgia or Ukraine or Poland or Latvia or Lithuania or Estonia down in the closet for a quickie. No panzer blitzes against their (collective or singular) 'she' wills to hot!ly desire success - encouraging embracing, to draw closer to Great Satan.

Closer to freedom of any kind - personal property, life, liberty - the entire sexyful apeal deal.

True that - these cats and allied hook ups encourage democratic govs, free markets, PR human rights anywhere, including those in bear range - Russia’s near abroad.

So what?

Freely elected cats made their very own choice - totally free. These cats have been there, done that and got the T shirt in the world mall of unfree regimes.

Ex Warsaw Pact hotties know the diff between fun and secret police, between free choice and submission, between despotic dominance and democratic determination, between failure and success, between gulags and good times in any endeavour

Blaming Great Satan is weak and reveals a weak played gang of no game players that tend to follow a wickibit ovulating hottie like a pack of puppies.

America - and all she stands for is a natural energized magnetised attraction of supernatural dimensions.

Great Satan and all she stands for is just like that hottie on parade.

She's provocative

And one way or the other - the world is easily provoked.

She's irresistable.

Pic - mD pretending to be GrEaT sAtAn


Roger W. Gardner said...

Hey GSG -- As always, your writing and your thinking are --- iRrEsIsTaBlE!

kevin said...

Nice work Misty, the Bear is hungry and wants to gobble up satellites. If we stand down he will re-devour the Eastern Block as well.

Jeff Wills said...

My God, can anybody get past the picture! Take about eye candy!!

Oh yeah and great post too.

Right Truth said...

Courtney, you've outdone yourself with this one.

Surrounding Russia with freedom loving countries is a winner, as long as we can protect those little countries from aggression like Georgia experienced. Condi is talking tough, but she needs to put on her Nazi boots like she wore when visiting Germany and hick some real Russian butt with them.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I must concur with Pravda's depiction of the ugly American Rice - and point the croitique at you as well 'girlfriend'.

"The constant arrogance and hypocrisy of this failed female makes it that much more apparent that here is a person way out of her depth. Instead of regarding sensitive issues from a balanced viewpoint as she is supposed to do, this incompetent loud-mouthed, bad-mannered, blood lust -warmongering bimbo takes one side, ignores the other and then speaks down from a holier-than-thou platform as if she were on a lecture dias."