Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scaredy Cat

Ex (thank goodness!) Great Britain Foreign Sec David Owens (who was blown out of his gig by election of the Iron Maiden) mews pitifully unlike other Brit Cats Sir Winnie or Sir Tony and kinda reduxes old Sir Neville Chamberlains's appease tease (we all know how well that worked out).

To be fair - David is an apostle of the old faux school realpolitik cabal with all the unholy enchantments and retarded cacophony - containment, dialogue - a real get along and go along guy.

Reliving the unheady days of the last millennium, Sir Dave has a pitiful piece in UK Timesonline that may have squads of retirement home staff breaking red to retain and recapture an escaped patient who may either be off his meds - or worse - on the payroll of Persia's petro phat provocateurs.

Either way - the uninformed opinion piece is totally unrealistic.

Aside from drinking tea - Dave reads the tea leaves too and he is freaked!

Little Satan is about to ruin everything if she acts out against the enrichment, egotisitical mullahs at Preacher Command!

"Following an Israeli attack and Iranian countermeasures, the American military would be bound to follow Bush’s orders. The president-designate or, if before the election, the two candidates, would be wary of criticising him.

It is imperative that voices are raised in America and Europe to warn
Israel off unilateral action against Iran."

According to shame filled game Dave disserts, best not to distrurb Iran - unless super sucking up to the illegit regime in Tehran is deployed.

Great Satan

"...would be best served by taking dramatic diplomatic action to
prevent a war with Iran. Publicly warn Israel that the United States will use its air power to prevent it bombing Iran, while announcing that sending Rice to Tehran to start negotiating a grand bargain whereby all sanctions would be lifted if Iran forgoes the nuclear weapons option."

The result would be that Great Satan indicates
"... negotiations would not continue indefinitely, but they would
give his successor, as president, time to consider all the options, military and economic. "


It could also be pointed out that Iran by then would be far past the point of no return with designer nukey WMD and make a regional war inevitable.


Findalis said...

Great Satan will not stop Little Satan unless Obama is in power. Then he will go the extra distance and actually attack Little Satan.