Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tzipi's Tzapper

Turkey talking Turkey with Syria and the Palestinians moving about as fast as a drunk girl applying mascara, discouraged Little Satan negotiators are instead casting coveteous eyes on the ancient Saudiland Peace Plan of 2002 (think Annapolis - the next generation) for the magical mythical Middle East Peace.

It probably won't get Dennis Ross excited.

Essentially, the Saudi plan packs a sweet, desirous wicked tease for Little Satan.

All 22 Arab League cats will Officially Recognize Little Satan (something Arab militaries have done for decades) - totally making Little Satan legit in a hood fully stocked with illegit regimes, Presidents for Life, corrupt monarchs and the Lion of Syria.

The Arab League has long endorsed the deal, giving an official stamp of approval in 2007.

The accord also calls for Little Satan to give up hard won goodies taken fair and square on the battlefield like Golan and East Jerusalem. (Actually, it also asks Little Satan to please, please give up the West Bank like they did the Strip back in 2005)

Faking interest in Saudi soothesayers is happening at a very interesting time in politique la Satan Petite.

Would-be Prime Minister Tzipi, sweet talking potential coalition cats, could make a tremendous power play with this deal and her posse seems to be seducing the scene for her to knock it out with no doubt.

Defense Minister (and Labor Party leader) Ehud Barak (also an ex PM) laid out some game for Israeli Army radio:

"There is definitely room to introduce a comprehensive Israeli plan to
counter the Saudi plan that would be the basis for a discussion on overall regional peace."

On all fronts, (except for Persia - natch!) Tzipi, is doing Otay.

President Shimon Peres granted her an extension, giving her two more weeks to hook up the support necessary to take the PM spot.

Hold up though.

The ultra-Orthodox Shas Party, if buddied up with, would provide the Kadima Party leader the coalition seats she needs, has yet to commit.

Shas insists that Livni promise literally not to surrender an inch of Jerusalem. Or even act like she might negotiate it.

That kind of pillow talk promise would most likely drive Arab media and statecats batty, so Tzipi has a tough gig to do in a debut.

So what?

If the revived Saudilander peace hudna is enough to somehow put Tzipi in the prime minister's office, it's a start.


Findalis said...

If Tzipi hooks up with Shas it will destroy her coalition. It was Likud's hookup with Shas that brought him down. And Olmert is still head honcho until Tzipi forms a new government (he will sell them all out).

I'm still hoping my homeboy Bibi can get new elections and take command. They need someone with a set of balls to handle the threats from Hizbollah, Hamas, PA and Iran.

Karen said...

Have you read The Missing Peace? It was a really interesting read, in my opinion.

Critical Thinker said...

It will be interesting to watch her take on foreign policy with her experience as a Mossad analyst. From what little I do know of her she seems to be a very bright woman.