Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cyber Guerre l'Futur


One of the beneficent benefits the ancient Vulcan enablers and actualizers knew was oh so true mein schatze was and is  -  a future worth creating was and is totally worth defending - and that means being the bully (in a friendly, fun to be with kinda way) on the block yo - pro active on every horizon

A big fan, co concept creator and kindred spirit of Great Satan's 30 years in the future military is the super savvy psychic Cyber War intelligentsia - the avuncular Dr John Arquilla. His New Rules of War (Carebeful where you open this link at!!) is hot hot hot indeed.

Continuing the desire to advance Great Satan into the new millennium's next combatty continuum,
 shares that cyber war --specifically the idea that the vulnerability of communications can cripple an advanced army. "What made it strong may also make it weak, Courtney." 

Dr A hacks into Great Satan's Cyber something Strategy thingy and gives up some hot insightful insights regarding Def Dept's 4 Initiatives about Cyber Guerre l'Futur

1. Operational Domain Hijinkery
2. Enjoy New Defense Operational Concepts
3. Create Internat'l Hook ups (that means Partnerships Uncle Carl) with other Hot! Democrazies  
4. Cleverage Talent (whoa!) and In In Inovation 

Whatever might be needed to pursue the first four strategic initiatives, or to mitigate the risks that accompany them, the Pentagon’s fifth goal is to solve all difficulties with “rapid technological innovation.” The problem here is that such advances may do little to grapple with fundamental organizational challenges. Networks are needed now, not hierarchies. Another gap in Pentagon thinking is that technology itself, no matter how sophisticated—as some cyber weapons are—when not employed in conjunction with a clear-eyed concept of operations, can lead to disaster in the field. 

The Maginot Line was a marvel of advanced technology—but it couldn’t move, a fatal flaw in the age of mechanization. The Line was outflanked in just days by German panzers during the spring of 1940. Pentagon strategy should therefore be focused on seeing how advanced information technology can foster overall doctrinal innovation.

Pic - "The fact that slaughter is a horrifying spectacle must make us take war
more seriously, but not provide an excuse for gradually blunting our swords in the name of humanity. Sooner or later someone will come along with a sharper sword and hack off our heads."


celticdragonchick said...

It's Official! Unarmed ppl are no match against a reinforced panzer battalion! Syrian panzers firing shells and machineguns stormed the city of Hama Sunday, killing at least 80 civilians in a move to crush demonstrations against President for Life Bashar's Regime

Just pointing out that most armed ppl don't do too well against panzers either. 55 tons of steel, chobbham composite and uranium armor pretty much does whatever the hell it wants, ya know?

Winston said...
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Winston said...

Cour ta knee, i think you should realize that the days of US primacy r almost over thanks to socialist Obama and company... That is a sad fact though.