Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yemen Blitz

"And the man in the back said everyone attack...."

The uparmored drive on al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is going on bay bee!!

AQ"s chief bomb maker al Asiri is behind some of the most heinous body part/pet bombs - nigh undetectable. And the evil doers in Yemen have been a righteous target for a while now with the 411 that the Yemeni Branch is the most dangerous threat facing Great Satan.

Check it - the campaign started off with spies, Especial Ops and Drones Gone Wild - the classic (as best understood) M.O. for something something "Counter Terrorism" - only now are we all witnessing the next logical step in the Forever Shadow Wars?

Set piece battles and panzer drives to recap turf under the control of aQ and ultimately
confronting al Qaeda in their lairs with modern infantry

Pic - "Ballroom Blitz"