Friday, February 15, 2013

Axis Of Evil

If the slave driven underground rocket factory with a nation/state (of sorts) attached nom d'guerr'd DPRK has weaponized new clear naughtiness - does that reckon Iran does too? Whale, for all prac porpoises, yessir. 

The NoKo/Persia hook up goes back for eons. See, these charter members of the Axis of Evil includes tech sales like the BM-25, a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching all of Europa; Iran’s Shahab 3 missile is a copy of sorts blinged via NoKo’s Nodong-1 and hit Little Satan. Plus, Preacher Command has based cadre of Persian weapons engineers and military cats in NoKo. At the same incredible instant -   NoKo Sci Guys vacation to Iran. Both despotries inked their sigs on a something something memorandum of understanding about all kinda brainiac chiz and tech talk.

 Few weeks back, Young General LOL"d that Great Satan was target number one and just days ago Iran"s Supreme Leader rather impolitely gave a "talk to the hand" hello to any tho't of new clear jaw flapping w/Great Satan.

What about co opting on new clear tests?

Kinda hard to prove?

After all, consider the goofy yet deadly secretive paranoia both illegit regimes deploy by design

Unless or until Noko or Iran gives up hot deets, gon be dang hard to do the proofing that NoKo would sell blueprints to Persia. 
Speculation about nuclear weapons cooperation, however, far exceeds the bounds of what can be deduced through proven facts. Moreover, it would be risky for both countries to cooperate in nuclear technology, such as test results that could not be justified on grounds of peaceful nuclear energy. Nuclear weapons cooperation would cross a redline and could be the trigger for military action against Iran.

Taking up the second assumption, Iran pays close attention to North Korea's programme and to how the major powers react to developments. There is a kind of kinship in being the two surviving members of 43's "axis of evil". But Iran's interest in the North Korean case goes beyond a curiosity in how a friend is faring.

Iran noticed that North Korea was able to violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty without serious penalty. When Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi were overthrown, Iranian leaders presumed that the Kim family wasn't attacked because, unlike the deposed dictators, they have nuclear weapons.

The supposed lesson is wrong, however. Despite many provocations over the years, North Korea has not been subject to a military attack by Great Satan since the Korean War ended in 1953. Washington did not want to spark another war that would have left Seoul in flames.

No such probs w/Iran. Sure, she could set the Hijaz ablaze - which would only make frakking a household name as well as inviting a regime change for Preacher Command - the Iraq War way - with American troops parading panzers through downtown Tehran 

Pic - "The parallels between Tehran and Pyongyang are obvious – two rogue states that covet nuclear weaponry, defy the rest of the world, are fired by extremist and expansionist ideologies, conduct spurious negotiations and appear inured to international sanctions."