Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wrong Pic

Oy Vey!

L"recent LOL RE: Aegypt"s Belly Dancing drew a sharp hello from some sleepware magazine (a device printed with ink on paper, generally published on a regular schedule containing a variety of content and functions as a holding chamber for ammunition).

Yes, yes und jawohl! That NYT Friedguy presents more LOLs, compelling examples of why cause drug testing academics and journalists would be interesting, general non profit jawflapping and more far misses than HMS Good Hope on her death run.

Yet, zooming out of general goofiness - Friedguy actually nails a super subtle point that GsGf"s friend and colleague at PJ Media seems to have got the wrong pic

Check it 
If you know anything about societies like Egypt, you would understand that these societies have a lot of flexibility. People can get along with far less than in the West and be a lot more passive in the face of suffering because that’s the way they always had to live. This is a largely agricultural society. Some can go back to the villages, or be sustained by extended families, or tighten their belts. They have low expectations.
 Uh, yessir - got it. Yet why cause those belt tightening, girl hating low "spectation cats rose up and chucked the Forever Pharaoh Hosni over board? These cats already were possessed by "...a deeply embedded ideology to comfort them and drive them onward." Yet they failed to suck it up and continue to march

And who can say it wouldn't happen again?

Look - despotry is despotry. Holy, secular or Royal. 

Persia's Preacher Command suffered a near death exp for the illegit regime (and survived by doing what the Shah, Col Khaddaffy or Pharaoh Hosni - couldn't/wouldn't do - kill their own peeps in the street). 

This phase of Arab Sprang is actually the most interesting. Confirming what al Jazeera has broadcast for over a decade - that preachers can preach o tay - yet they totally suck at state craft. Hiz"B"Allah totally freaks at the idea of running a nation (being an opposition militia for eons). HAMAS cannot inforce Writ of State and Aegypt"s Ikwhanese leaders are causing way more misery than Little Satan, Great Satan, Xians, Crusaders and Saudis combined.

While it's a dang shame that certain turf betwixt Nile and Indus has to hop on a crazy train of intolerance and failure for eons to get to the enlightenment phase (often by their own designs) it certainly doesn"t mean it"ll take a Collectivist Soviet Union decades long trek to unAss it

Pic - "The demands of leadership, the magnitude of Egypt's challenges and the high expectations of the populace have already begun to erode Ikwhan's popularity."