Friday, March 1, 2013

Intifada v3.0


The twin Palestines (your choice - the Strip"s Preacher Command or the PL Old school Fatah im Westerbank) have serious chiz in hand. Aside from the un hap hap happy fact Jack that both govs are illegit regimes lingering on way past their election dates, the macabre machinations of a bizzaro death cult that champions racing off to the next life "stead of focusing on, prepping for and living this one, may be like totally queering the mix and brewing up Intifada v3.0

The Westbank cat w/2 nom d"guerres - Abu Mazen M"mood Abbas hooked up with his internal security posse advocating calm with sev Fatah cats  were hot for embiggening the protests.

The untimely demise of a recently arrested rock chucker in PoPo custody has sparked foreign peace monger bizzy bods like UN"s ME Peace Envoy for Non Profit Jawflapping to demand an inquiz while the Strip"s intolerant rocketeers of Izzy Deen al K"Ssam both fired off a rocket to Little Satan and a denial  
As it is, the situation remains stuck. The Palestinian national movement remains divided, with Fatah dominating in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza. Peace negotiations with Little Satan are going nowhere, with little hope on the horizon. Everyone seems to hope that the relative quiet will persist. But while the current protests appear, for the moment, to have crested, living on a knife’s edge should not be mistaken for stability.

Negotiation? Done it. Violence? Check. Spoken openly of a one-state solution? Already part of the playbook. Declared statehood?  A few times.  UN recognition?  In the bag.  In the last almost decade and a half, the Palestinians have tried almost everything to force Little Satan to be more forthcoming on the issues that divide them—settlements, refugees, Jvillesalem—all to no avail.  For a combination of political reasons and security concerns Little Satan has resisted the pressure, arguing either that the Palestinians cannot deliver or that Little Satan will not respond to threats. Indeed, Little Satan has been ruthlessly effective in demonstrating to the Palestinians that these tactics do not work through violence, settlements, and economic pressure.  The result has been a crippled Palestinian leadership and bred despair among both West Bankers and Strippers.

To really get the Oh Snap! asnapping and avoid a direct hit w/Intifada v3.0 - dissolve the Palestine Authority!
The logic of dissolving the Palestinian Authority is so clear that one wonders why Abbas has not taken this step.  After all, the PA is now little more than a vehicle to employ hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who draw their salaries and livelihoods from it and the international donors on which it depends.  The idea that they could once again be primarily responsible for the Palestinian population should be enough to scare Little Satan into negotiation.
 Despite its decrepit state, PA serves several important functions. For it's illegit leaders, that is 
Whatever shreds of power, international prestige, and riches Palestinian leaders in the West Bank still enjoy, they flow from the Palestinian Authority.  It is a classic case of politicians doing something in their parochial interest that leads to a suboptimal outcome for the people they represent.  For the rest of us, it just means that the fiction of Palestinian sovereignty and the policy distortions that come with it will continue.

Pic - "The political dynamics at work that led to Hamas, two intifadas, and the creation of al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have not suddenly disappeared today."