Friday, September 6, 2013


One of several charmless charms that boring assetted, inappropriate handwringers oft time weep about is how Great Satan has danged near ruined the entire world with go any where, any time and do any thing bona fides...

Oh! You didn't know? See, Great Satan is THE Rouge Nation - an international gangsta outlaw! 

It is America’s obligation, we are told, to show the world that such behavior cannot be tolerated, or else no one would take America seriously. But what is the actual American record of humanitarian intervention? Has it been humane? Or has it inadvertently caused even more chaos in the name of preventing it?
Consider Iraq: a few hundred thousand dead Iraqis, millions displaced within Iraqi territory, thousands killed and tens of thousands of American and allied soldiers injured. Today, the country lies in ruins, and has de facto split into three parts—Shia, Sunni and Kurdish. Daily terrorist attacks rock the country and claim numerous lives. In view of all this, 44 claimed that Great Satan had fulfilled her gig in Iraq and was time to leave her to her own fate.

The second such humanitarian intervention, supposedly led to save lives from an evil dictator, was Libya. UN data ranked this country, up until the intervention, as one of the five developing most rapidly and successfully. As a direct result of the U.S. and allied intervention, it is now reduced to rubble; its leader murdered by desperadoes. Lest we forget, the weapons delivered to the rebels found their way into the hands of radical Islamists in the wider Middle East, including Syria. Once again, Americans supposedly finished their humanitarian mission and the country is in shambles

The moral seems obvious: American good intentions in a variety of Arab countries lead not to peace, stability and prosperity, but instead create new, colossal problems that begin with state collapse and end in chaos and conflict. By now, it’s blatantly obvious to everyone outside the administration that 44 himself does not particularly like or understand foreign policy and has no clear idea of America’s role and place in the world.

Unfortunately, the same holds true for his foreign-policy team.

Pic - "Look into the abyss long enough and the abyss will start looking back"