Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Deterrance



Bout the Persian New Clear deal thingy...

Why is 44 so anxious to have an international agreement that will have no legal standing under the Constitution just two years from now, since it will be just a presidential agreement, rather than a treaty requiring the “advice and consent” of the Senate?
There are at least two reasons. One reason is that such an agreement will serve as a fig leaf to cover his failure to do anything that has any serious chance of stopping Iran from going nuclear. Such an agreement will protect 44 politically, despite however much it exposes the American people to unprecedented dangers.
The other reason is that, by going to the United Nations for its blessing on his agreement with Iran, he can get a bigger fig leaf to cover his complicity in the nuclear arming of America’s most dangerous enemy.
 In 44’s vision, as a citizen of the world, there may be no reason why Iran should not have nuclear weapons when other nations have them. Politically, 44 could not just come right out and say such a thing. But he can get the same end result by pretending to have ended the dangers by reaching an agreement with Iran. There have long been people in the Western democracies who hail every international agreement that claims to reduce the dangers of war.
The road to World War II was strewn with arms-control agreements on paper that aggressor nations ignored in practice. Yet those agreements lulled the democracies into a false sense of security that led them to cut back on military spending while their enemies were building up the military forces to attack them.




Anonymous said...

Iran declared war on the US in 1979, and that declaration has never been rescinded. It may not even be a question of "if" we will have to fight them, but "when."

As in, "Before or after they acquire nuclear warheads and intercontinental missiles." So an agreement that kicks the can down the road is worse than useless.

In 2008, Obama sent an emissary to Tehran, advising them not to negotiate with Bush, because they could get a better deal by waiting until Obama was in office.

The one promise that Obama kept was one he made to a hostile foreign government.