Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The New Nippon Alliance


The land of
backward comics, Harijuku Girls, and cool robots - Japan is HOT! Instead of scary missiles and secret police - Japan built a fun, rich democratic tech saavy, tolerant, egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, transparent, periodic elections, and independent judiciary that hasn't bothered anyone in over six decades.

A literacy rate of over 99%, Nippon is a wonderful example of the human spirit unbound.Japan has been a long time ally of Great Satan for eons -- and has the world's second (or third, based on purchasing power parity) largest economy, 2nd biggest contributer to UN, yet Nippon remains dependent on America for its security, a minor military player despite having global economic and political interests.

The new U.S.-Japan defense guidelines will fundamentally change the way Japan and the United States cooperate on defense matters

Under the reinterpretation, Japan will be able to defend other countries that may come under attack. -the exercise of collective self-defense

The new guidelines allow for increased regional and global cooperation in the U.S.-Japanese alliance. This will be most noticeable in peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, international intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, missile defense and a variety of other areas

There will also be an increase in U.S.-Japan alliance cooperation in new domains like cyber and space, the official said, adding that this means increased cooperation in space situational awareness, bolstering the resiliency of space systems and cooperative early warning.

The new guidelines mean Japan can now -

 Defend U.S. ships engaged in missile defense activities in the vicinity of Japan.

Japan can also respond to attacks on third countries if they are in close association with Japan and if those attacks directly affect Japanese security.

 Japan and the United States will coordinate and share information more closely in missile defense,

Japan will be able to shoot down missiles headed for U.S. territory.

It’s a real change and improvement in the ability of the alliance to operate together, not only in defense of Japan, but throughout the region and globally.

Pic - "There’s a downside to a more equal partnership, though."