Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Audacity Of Pride

Recently, much has been made about pride - or the lack of it or the acute acquisition of it by a certain lady who wants to be first by next January.

Born between the Fall of the Wall and the Fall of the Towers - pride was something only reserved for self - never shared or recog'd for others.

History was something to daydream through in class or ancient smelly books with funky photos to avoid.

History was boring. Pilgrims. Yankees. Rebels. Wheee. So what?

Then one late summer day, sitting on the floor in front of the TV, breakfasting on Cap'n Crunch Berries history came alive and became very personal.

So did pride.

Pride that Ladder 8 rushed into burning buildings to save lives - and laid down their own.

Pride that Flight 93 was the first counterattack - a do and die effort to save lives.

Pride that Americans killed Al Qaeda's #2 on the very first day of retaliation.

Pride that only America could prevail in the Afghanistani 'graveyard of empires' - in only three weeks.

Pride that Pat Tilman gave up everything to literally lay his life on Freedom's Altar.

Pride that America blew off the Geneva Convention - instead of shooting captured Taliban and Al Qaeda combatants (in civilian clothes - out of uniform to the nth - no less) on the battlefield.

And that's only in the first 90 days after 911 - a personal hook up with history that has took up every since.

Dr Donald Douglas in SoCali teaches

"Not only that, of all the great Western democracies, the United States has
made the most radical committment toward the guarantees of full equality under
the law and the pursuit of the unimpeachable human dignity in the history of
Western civilization.

Have we always lived up to our ideals? Of course not. Thomas Jefferson
himself embodies the contrast of our nation's lofty ideals and our ignominious
crimes of injustice.

But we have overcome.

From Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush, the march of American
democratization - while not always swift - has been unrelenting."

And all of Great Satan's children and fans worldwide - truly - should be audaciously proud of that.


Donald Douglas said...

Hey, the Tilman touch was perfect!

Thanks for the link, Courtney!!

American Power

Debbie said...

Great job Courtney. Just pointing out things to be proud of during the 90 days after September 11. It would take some of us, you included, all day long and more to write down all the things we are proud of about America.

Michelle Obama didn't even seem to be proud when her husband was elected to the Senate. She strikes me as a very unhappy woman, even an angry woman. What has she got to be angry about?

Her grades did not meet Harvard standards, yet somehow she got in. She got two Ivy league school diplomas, a high paying job. I don't know her family background, but I would be willing to bet she is better off than her parents. And this woman has nothing to be proud of?

What about being THANKFUL. Can she not be thankful for anything? God help people like this because they must be miserable.

I think her Afro-centric church may have something to do with it. They preach Black superiority, White hatred, and more. My God teaches love and acceptance. Big difference.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen said...

Yeah, baby! I love your pride. Michelle Obama reinforces the stereotype of the far left who truly are embarrassed to show pride of country. But now that hubby is running and doing so well, then it's all good.

She has lead a blessed life, not to be mimiced anywhere else on earth. She should be ashamed. She's not and still doesn't even get it.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...
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GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Donald. Thank you. I was totally blown away by Pat Tilman. The guy had everything. Everything - respect, admiration of his peers, fans, success, wealth and influence. And yet, it wasn't enough. He HAD to serve. His name is Legion - for there are thousands like him - from Bunker Hill to Midway - from Vicksburg to Mosul.

Audaciously proud of that.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Debbie. Well, 911 time totally changed my life. It was a very scary time for kids and it didn't take long to realize how especial - essential - American Exceptionalism is. Pride is personal. I wanted to focus on what I've lived through and was aware of.

And you are correct - It is a long long list. Dr Douglas only mentioned the relentless march from the Civil War to today and that would be nough to keep one listing for a week or more.

Shelly - who has everything anyone could ever hope for should be like an American Pride Cheerleader Captain - she's lived through way more reasons than I have - if she feels that way - I submit it may be more about her than lack of any reasons to be (as Cyndi said) "...VERY proud of my country..."

Also, 'thankful' as you say - man - where to start?

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Karen. That is exactly what I was wanting to present - her lack of shame. I mean, I didn't even list all the stuff that American has stood up for (and btw - the only nation to fight a civil war to end slavery) and she couldn't feel pride for what Donald called "...the most radical committment toward the guarantees of full equality under
the law and the pursuit of the unimpeachable human dignity in the history of
Western civilization"?

She is a beneficiary of that pursuit - we all are. And that is something to be proud of.