Thursday, June 5, 2008

Appease Tease

There is a dual adage that kicks in about 9th grade time for girls in the Great Satan. Constantly sexed up in the media, the radio, VH 1, MTV 1 -3, the web - That's when it becomes very appearent that appearantly society is a society of players and hoes.

To snag attention - girls are taught very quickly to show off those delightful little assets to an extent that attention is on auto pilot. Like a pop tune from a few years back -
there are no conflicting signals.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard - Dang right! It's better than
yours. I could teach you - but I'd have to charge."

The adage is dual edged -

"Oh, once you get involved, Everyone will look this way-so,You must
maintain your charm, Same time maintain your halo"

The adage is interpeted as:

"It's OK to dress like hootchie and act like a hootchie - just don't be a hootchie"

Fair enough. Sounds ok. Fun! even.

A very close friend followed that adage and learned a terrible lesson. The adage REALLY is

"Dress like a hootchie - act like a hootchie - and get treated like a hootchie - even if you're not a hootchie"

She learned that one the hard way - on her very first date - with a guy that she really, really liked.

In a way - this Grimm Brothers tail tale heart could be applied to the appease tease in Pakistan.

Pervez Musharrif and the Deathly Hallows succumbed to a real election back around St. Valentine's time that totally dissed his rather pitiful military offensives against the magically no go Federated Tribal regions.

Amazing too - the Army in the Land of the Pure was pretty adept at
busting protesters and knocking heads of unarmed lawyers - but embarrassingly doofus grande at taking out armed Taliban fans, time traveling intolerants and foreign terrorist minions and super villans.

Cutting deals that were unenforcable with outlaws in lawless areas sucked too.
As the
election showed though - non profit jaw flapping was the most popular of the ex General, au courant pres for life bizzarro tactics.

So, no big surprise when the new cats in the
Land of the Pure began a do over for appeasing true intolerance. As one of the 'negotiators' told the gov

"We are fighting for the enforcement of Islam. If the government enforces Sharia today, we will stop our struggle. But we want to see practical steps from the government, and not just the promises."

What was spooky though is that Pakistan is cutting unenforceable deals with every gangster outfit in the No Go Zone. Accepting promises that have no means of being monitored - let alone enforced seems totally retarded.

"This strategy of accelerated appeasement only empowers groups with a
history of violence who are devoted to undermining Pakistan's sovereignty. In addition to creating breathing space for extremists (since it is the militants who determine when an agreement is broken), the accords allow a greater flow of recruits to the training camps and further violence.

At best, the politicians are shunting the problems down the road--and these problems will be larger by the time Pakistan is forced to confront them.

The new accords are also a threat to the United States. Baitullah Mehsud has told journalists that "jihad in Afghanistan will continue" regardless of negotiations, a sentiment echoed by other Taliban leaders.

As U.S. forces in Afghanistan face increased cross-border attacks, Americans at home should be concerned about the increase in the risk of another catastrophic terrorist attack.

The 9/11 Commission Report warned that a terrorist
organization requires "time, space, and the ability to perform competent planning and staff work" in order to carry out a 9/11-like attack. Pakistan's new accords provide al Qaeda and its allies with the requisite time and space"

The tease of appeasement is an illusion - a wicked deceitful play - like the hootchie theory. Just ask innocent bystanders Denmark. Or locals with a CD shop. In fact over 250 people have been killed just this year in terrorist attacks that came from the the very intolerants that the Land of Pure is 'negotiating' with.

If another T type attack is committed in Great Satan - chances are it could be traced back to Pakistan. The Land of the Pure's pussyfooting around is dangerous and not only for Great Satan - but for Pakistan and their precious magical No Go Zones as well.

Pic - "La la-la la la, Warm it up. La la-la la la, The boys are waiting"


Right Truth said...

Excellent comparison Courtney. We are seeing the dangerous results each time this is tried. With Obama as president of the US, Ugh! It makes me ill to think about it.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Findalis said...

It is time that the Great Satan start sending those nice unmanned drones into Pakistan. They are cheaper than aircraft and pack a wallop.

Blow up a few thousand of the Taliban in Pakistan and then sit back a watch the fireworks.

Lord Nazh said...

Good post Court, great way to tie the 2 together :)

Nikki said...

Yep if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then its a duck...don't try to call yourself something else. :)N

Skunkfeathers said...

I need look no further than the greatest criminal appeasement in the 20th Century: Munich, September 1938. It guaranteed not "peace in our time", but 50 million dead. Appeasement fails each and every time it's tried.

Obama and his udopian supporters are too stupid to get this; let's hope enough of a majority of American voters aren't so stupid in November.

Courtney, your astuteness at your young age is formidable and a promise that the younger generation isn't a lost one.

Buffoon said...

I for one hated it.... how dare you start with a picture like that to lure an unsuspecting, innocent man in and then drop the knowledge bombs!?...

oh yeah, what findalis said...

Buffoon from D=S

Courtney I have a question,
I come over and like to see what you have going on, but is there anyway you could change your comment thing to not force someone to use their blogger account?

Al Bundy said...

this is great stuff GF! thought provoking thoughts, i like it.

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