Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baitullah's House

Currents events between Talibanistan, the Land of the Pure and Afghanistan are arching towards something faster than gossip and rumours in the last 48 hours before Prom.

Pakistan's #1 Taliban fan is Baitullah Mehsud.

Playing Pakistan's newly elected gov for igmo shorties and victims, Baitullah's posse Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan is a fanclub miltia of outlaws, smugglers, slavers and time traveling intolerants that routinely bring battle from Talibanistan to insurge chaos into neighboring Afghanistan.

What does it mean? Prime Minister Hamid shares what it means (The vid is awesome - way better than the quote)

"This means that Afghanistan has the right of self defense. When they cross
the territory from Pakistan to come and kill Afghans and kill coalition troops,
it exactly gives us the right to go back and do the same. Therefore, Baitullah
Mehsud should know that we will go after him now and hit him in his

Baitullah's house has been converted into a missile impact area. Freshly visited by Great Satan.

This is significant. Great Satan has been launching attacks into Pakistan all year long.

Rand Corps "Counter Insurgency in Afghanistan" makes a great case that til Pakistan's lawless regions settle down - trouble with Taliban will continue. And The Land of The Pure's pussyfooting about with intolerants is fueling more instability.

Essentially, security in Afghanistan has gotten about as good as it gets.

Until those Federated No Go Zones across the border are magically transformed into combat zones with a surge on the ground - regardless or inspite of any 'negotiations' and dialogue with killers who've killed nearly 300 ppl in Pakistan since those contacts have fickled and fizziled.

Baitullah wasn't at home when the missiles hit.

Pakistan's politicians are put on the spot after assuring sovereign neighbors that having a border with Pakistan is safe as milk.(After all - since this cat claims he wacked beautiful Benazir - he might very well wack recently elected politicians).

The state must maintain the monopoly of violence. Playing politics while shielding militant intolerants while preaching to sovereign neighbors not to act out in righteousness on a prob that the Land of the Pure's pure unsovereignity can't seem to get a grip on is totally retarded.

Baitullah's house may very well be the destination that Great Britain's new surge in Afghanistan is all about.

Blitzing no go zones on foot is a "...different but very serious challenge..."

"The Taliban's campaign is now limited to intimidating Afghan communities,
coercing the vulnerable into becoming suicide bombers and carrying out brutal
and indiscriminate attacks on the International Community and above all the
Afghans themselves – men, women and children.

As their conventional attacks have failed we have seen their tactics shift
to mines, roadside bombs and suicide vests. These tactics run deeply counter to
the Afghan culture. As does the Taliban's reliance on paid foreign fighters –
the so called 'ten dollar Talibs' who now make up the majority of those doing
the fighting for them.

Taliban's new tactics pose a different but very serious challenge, both to
our forces and to the local people.

A guestimated 1/2K Taliban fanboys busted out of jail in a 'complex' attack and took over turf near Kandahar. Afghani, NATO and Great Satan have trekked and killed 27 Talibani and recaptured 20.

Taliban fanboys are now combatant bullet magnets.

The quiz is - will they break back to Pakistan for R and R or will they make a last stand in the fruit orchards of Khandahar province?

In the essential "America's Victories" (Sentinel Press, 1st Edition in black and desert sage with gold gilt) Dr Larry Schweikart preaches how Great Satan has always been unique in war - many times launching raids to free and return with American POW's.

Yankee General Stoneman's raid to Macon to free Union prisoners failed - yet a century later Colonel Mucci freed American GI's from certain death in the Philippines in the 'Great Raid."

"In our more than 200 year history, not one of our opponents - not even the
British - conducted a raid, or made any attempt whatsoever to free their own
prisoners. That is an astounding comment on the American way of war."

Taliban's jailbreak is also a comment on a move that proves that either Taliban is adapting Great Satan's 'leave no comrade behind' edict, or is running awful shy on volitguers, or is getting semi pro military advice from Pakistan sympathizers launching a diversion to catch some breathing space after NATO attacks into Pakistan's magical no go zones.


Karen said...

Yeah, just saw this evening that Brown is sending more troops to Afghanistan. Maybe everyone will get serious and do something there.

Ben Sutherland said...

Yeah. Afghani and coalition forces and Pakastani troops need to be routing these guys, obviously, bringing them to justice, when possible, and killing them, when necessary, when they are attacking troops or civilians without provocation.

Afghanistan does need to get a security agreement worked out with Pakistan. They won't stand for Afghani and coalition troops invading their sovereignty for long, anymore than America would stand for Mexico or Canada to do the same if we weren't cooperating on some important security matter. They must find a workable collaborative relationship, or else this is going to blow up in their faces. Guaranteed.

We should be open to the possibilities of political avenues to undercut the political oxygen for the violent activities of Taliban and Al Queda operatives. Bringing people to justice, when possible, and killing them, when necessary, is an option that runs out quickly as long as there is popular support for their activities. This was the lesson the Britain finally learned with the IRA, which is why Brits are generally more open to this method, because it has clearly worked for them in the Belfast Accords. There's no guarantee that it will. And we should continue efforts that focus on justice and combat (and integrating efforts between law enforcement and military folks will be key to future effective counterterrorism for everyone, not just the Afganis and coalition forces or the Pakistanis, and we have a long way to go to creating the collaborative activities and relationships that will be necessary for those operations to go more smoothly). But if there are political and diplomatic efforts that can reduce popular support for these assholes, reduce the likelihood of troops and law enforcement and civilians being killed, and, most importantly, reduce the long term likelihood of prolonged violent clashes with terrorist groups that last generations because popular support results in easy replacements for jailed or killed enemy combatants, then that should definitely be on our radar. There are never guarantees, with any means, especially military means, but ruling out political methods that have yielded results and ignoring the failure to defeat and eliminate such groups and their on-going threat by military means alone would be mindless and foolish. That's just not the American way. That's why we're better at what we do. We're more thoughtful and more genuinely democratic. And that is the strength we should build upon as we explore options that get us to the long-term victory of liberal democratic peoples and values over illiberal forces.

But the immediate priority is getting a security agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan and coalition troops before this situation gets more heated and harder to resolve.

We got work to do.

Findalis said...

Hamid is afraid that if the Taliban regains control of Afghanistan, he and his family, his tribe, etc... will be put to death. So now attacking the Taliban in Pakistan is prudent for him to do.

If Hamid could stay in power and allow the Taliban to roam free without interference, he would do that too. All he cares about is power, not truly the people of his nation.

Debbie said...

We need many more special forces, those who can go undercover, blend in with the locals, look, talk, act, eat, breath ... then take out, then enemy.

Just my opinion.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth