Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Proper Position"

Iraq's PM al Maliki just returned from a meeting with Iran's Supreme Leader. Flush from a winning hand of 'Who's your Daddy' in Basra and helping transform the No Go Zones in Sadr City into combat zones that has marginalized, and repeatedly defeated the mullahs minion militia Mahdi Army into losers in front of the entire ME.

The wicked old jumped up Ayatollah Khamenei knew very well that Great Satan was behind the green curtain as the raison de etre for the recent stymification that was queering the mix for establishment of a Persian dominated crescent from Iran to the Med.

Lebanon couldn't resist Iran's domination game with Hiz'B'Allah. Of course, Lebanon isn't chock full of the uparmored sons of Great Satan either. A fact that seemed to weigh heavy on the old man's mind.

Supreme Leader must have forgot he was hooking up with a free Arab PM (hey - to be fair - Al Maliki is like only the 2nd free PM in Arab history ever) because he acted out like he was addressing a rep from unfree lands where truth is rebranded to fit the needs of unelected, illegit regimes.

''A foreign agent which wants to dominate the Iraqi affairs is the most
important obstacle against the progress and prosperity of the Iraqi nation

"Occupiers who are interfering in the Iraqi affairs with their military and
security power without any mandate are the biggest problem of the country."

Realizing that Iranian fanboys like Mahdi Army or Badr Corps (that just got their assets handed to them in recent Iraqi sovereignity ops), or the AQ gangsters (that made everybody in Iraq sick to death of their retarded time traveling efforts to establish some kind of 8th century horrificaliphate in An Bar and Mosul) had no mandate, Supreme Leader made sure lottie dottie everybody knew he meant Great Satan.

"The Iraqi nation will pass the current tight situation and reach its proper
position through unity. America's dreams would certainly fail."

It is the 140K+ skoal chomping, ray bann wearing, M16 toting, globestomping heathen hellions with catchy terms like "Anger Management' painted on the side of their 120mm M 1 Abrahm (named after an ancient armored regime changer) panzers that is jamming up the plan for unifying all of Iraq under Tehran's banner.

This is significant. Since Iran's hegemonic designs for Iraq are sucking totally in a military fullfilling fullfillment Iran may now attempt a PR campaign to remove the 2 tonne (as Beaman would say) hand grenade from their flip flop sandles.

Tehran's Preacher Command's well aware they are in easy range of precision, intelligent weaponry in the hands the most expert, most humanitarian, best armed, trained, led and experienced regime changers ever in history that magically appeared, trashed their despotic calamitous neighbor, wiped clean and drew again the face of society held captive since birth and now grow rowdy and restless after killing killers, enforcing the states monopoly on violence over foreign and private intolerant armed 'movements' that violated any legitimacy granted in previous elections by acquiring, deploying and field using heavy weaponry - the very def of usurping a state's legitimacy.

Iraqi PM Al Maliki tried to reassure the old Ayatollah that Great Satan in the hood was safe as milk -

"We will not allow Iraq to become a platform for harming the security of
Iran and its neighbors"

Iraq is delivering a very real message to her neighbors. And for meddling neighbors.

Meddling neighbors that try and stick their bloody fingers into their neighbors sweetly oiled up little pies most likely wind up as meddling neighbors that draw back bloody stumps too.

Smokescreens about a Force Stat agreement - Iran's dossier on it actually credits to NYT for sourcing which BTW credits Iran.

Super smart CIA military think tank spy guy (Oh! He got game!) Dr Kenneth Pollack got righteously psychic in the ever essential "Persian Puzzle"

Essentially - Tehran has faith they are the world's best chess masters at playing the electile dysfunction year.

Articles of Faith like how the Grand Old Ayatollah Khomeini himself defied Great Satan - and xformed Pres Carter into Ex Pres Carter - exiled to humanitarian causes - lately alledgedly afflicted in a pitiful thug hugging blitz and foreign funded, bizarro map stealing dotage.

Supreme Leader's proper position views Iraq like a diamond on a ring in an arc from Persia to the Med.

Security is an admittedly high concern with Great Satan crunk and disorderly right next door in Afghanistan, Azerbajain, Iraq and Persian Gulf.

Currently - Proper position?

Great Satan is large and in charge - in the hood, all about the house and liable to break out the regime killing regime change any night she wants.


Findalis said...

As long as there are US troops in Iraq, Iran is held at bay. The minute that the troops leave, Iran will take over the south of Iraq and the oil fields.

Ben Sutherland said...

Yeah, Iran is clearly positioning for influence in the region. They don't really have much to stand on without an enemy to rally around. Some Shiites identify with the Iranian regime, but Sunnis have little to admire in Tehran, and most folks in the region, as the waning support for Al Queda demonstrates, would moderate any support for Iranian belligerence were Great Satan and his minions were not quite so loud and proud, I'm concerned. We give that two-bit dictatorship too much political mileage with all our huffing and puffing, I think, and we don't take seriously enough the concerns of the Iranian citizenry independent of their piss-poor leadership. Bottom line is that we are doing a pretty shitty job of countering Iran's grab for drama and influence, right now, frankly. And given that U.S. hegemony is what rallies so many otherwise moderating Iranians who end up supporting this regime, as well as Arabs and peoples around the world against American leadership (South Koreans being only the latest in this trend), we might think twice about redoubling that bet. Perhaps that is the route we take. And we live with the consequences either way. As long as we are wiling to man up and take responsibility if it doesn't work out, then we make our policy choices and live with their consequences.

In the meantime, we got a job to do in Iraq. Max Boot just had an excellent column on that situation, by the way, in the LA Times, this morning, that I think is worth a read. Americans need to know that an improving situation in Iraq does not equate with speedy withdrawal. Findalis' point goes to one of the many, many reasons why we need to stick it out, though the security situation on the ground should be reason enough for Americans not lost in their cowardice or their Bush hatred and who actually give a shit about what the Iraqi governing security forces and American servicefolks responsible for that situation have to say about the matter.

The Iranian leadership are poor chess players, long term and not even so great short term, is the bottom line. The American leadership are not doing so hot, either, right now, but they're clearly the home team to root for, even as they bungle much on this front, I'm afraid. On matters of international policy and security, those who earn peoples' trust are the most likely to come out ahead, I think. We're ahead, in this game, in most circles. But not by enough. There are many issues to work out with an Iranian regime that we have not touched upon, yet. What a reasonable defense policy that does not proliferate nuclear weapons would look like is one of them, and it is a matter that we would have to work out with even a more reasonable leadership (especially since the Ayatollah has final say). Something tells me that escalating threats against them is not going to do the trick. But sometimes we have to fuck up for awhile before we learn the lesson. That goes for major political players as much as for the rest of us.

I don't think that the Great Satan has yet figured out that his reputation is sullied for a reason. And it's not just because the rest of world are assholes and pussies.

Ce la vis. We figure this out as soon as we figure it out. Failure just gets wearisome to me. Long as we're grown up enough to admit the fuck ups, nothing wrong with failure, as far as I'm concerned. Part of life. And it is that kind of courage that the world needs most, right now. We have it to offer. And if we don't, there will be consequences for that too.