Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Satan's Sudan Strike

Gossip and rumours about Little Satan's day trip to deliver a wicki smack to Iran via Sudan sends very clear signals in a hood where often times it's what is not said as opposed to what's actually spoken.

Since HAMAS and Iran both are hooking up with the only regime sporting a leader for life that also happens to have multiple arrest warrants out for him ( first time for a sitting leader) - Little Satan risks very little. Blaming Great Satan is a nonstarter.

After all, tough to feel sympathy for a genocidal regime getting the Smacky McAssy treatment.

Unverified sources indicate a quartet of Little Satan F 15's sortee'd for the 1400 mile trip.

Getting there requires a flight of about two and a half hours, most likely a flight path along the Red Sea coast, below Saudi and Egyptian radar with aerial refueling.

4 Ra'Am F15 Little Satan mods popped up over Sudan's beachfront turf, hung a tighty righty and annihilated 39 people trucking along in 17 trucks.

The quiz is:

What all were those trucks toting?

For Iran's missile base in the Strip - the addition of the Iranian Fajr 5 would be significant.

Fajr-5 missile is launched from a mobile platform (which is awful truck looking btw), she supposedly has a range of between 60-70 kilometers.

45 miles for the unmetrical.

Fajr 5 is constructed by the Iranians, reportedly with help from NoKo and China.

Just like Katyusha and Scud, max range is only accurate to like a radius of around one kilometer. There are unconfirmed though believable reports that Iran has tested a chemical warhead for the Fajr-5.

Addition of Fajr 5 into the Strip (chemical Warheads or not) is scary indeed. Little Satan's tender and sensitive goodies could well be in range of such a launch from the Strip.

Not to mention the only target HAMAS seems to go for - innocent civilians.

Iran learned from the Sudan strike that Little Satan has excellent intelligence, and that she can, and she will roll the dice to strike enemy enablers.

But Iran already knew that.

Rumours that Little Satan vaporized Mullah made missiles on the very first day of the retarded rocket war of '06 in Lebanon, sweetly buzzing and blitzing super sensitive suspect sites in Syria - not to mention knocking off cats like Hiz'B'Allah murder expert Imad Mugahniyah and Syrian General Mohammed Suleiman shows that Little Satan got game in the shadowy world of precise intell.

Little Satan's Sudan tour de force means Little Satan could act out any time - anywhere she wants in the greater ME.

It also means Iran may be wanting Commonwealth Russia to speed up delivery and deployment of the dreaded S300 Super Future Air Defense Network too.

Art - "We operate in many places near and far, and carry out strikes in a manner that strengthens our deterrence."


Skunkfeathers said...

Kick ass, Little Satan, kick ass.

Findalis said...

Little Satan is very good at flying between Egypt and Saudi airspaces. They first did that number on July 4, 1976 while going to a small airport in Uganda.

Considering that there are thousands of Muslim refugees from Darfur living in Israel, it is only fitting that they strike a blow of freedom in their name.