Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lo Down Ho Down

Foreign Policy Initiatives debut shindig was by all accounts - a successful lo down ho down. Remaining true to their mission statements those crazy cool daemoneocons put the 'party' in non partisan by hooking up with GOPer's and Donkies like Senator McCain and Congresslady Harmon.

"Afghanistan: Planning For Success" was the name and victory was the game.

Fully crunk military cats on hand to point out that killing killers is a very workable military solution included Former Commander of Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan and Director, Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, National Defense University General David W. Barno and Carnegie's Dr. Ashley J. Tellis.

The real treat though was featuring the Kagan brothers - Dr Robert of Carnegie and Dr Frederick of American Enterprise.

Robert Kagan is kinda like the philosopher King of 'daemocrazy' - the idea that fun and free choice - eventually trump everything and that Great Satan really is Great.

Frederick Kagan is the cat that thought up Surge in the Iraq Study Group. His AfPak plans are pretty cool too.

In advance of the NATO summit in Strasbourg-Kehl and on the same day as the international conference on Afghanistan in The Hague, this conference was a unique opportunity to reflect on recent developments and examine the options confronting Great Satan with insights from leading analysts and members of Congress.

Sounds sweet! right?

Hold up!

Faster than one could say "Taming American Power" Foreign Policy Magazine's resident Great Satan and Little Satan hater - Realpolitik fanboy Dr Steven M Walt freaked out and pointed out that America Unbound would totally queer the mix on sucking up to intolerant and illegit regimes instead of confronting (or Regime Changing) them whenever the need or opportunity arises.

Decorum prohibits repeating many of his incorrect, boring and inappropriate handwringing defeatist rambling rants - though his closer is a hoot!

"So the fate of the "Foreign Policy Initiative" should be regarded as a litmus test. Is the United States genuinely capable of learning from past mistakes, to include learning whose advice deserves to be ignored?"

Carebeful Doc!!

After all - Realpolitik's track record is much worse - a corrupt, ammoral cult of stability that brought no peace, no stability, no containment, and no peace.

Realpolitik IS the litmus test for genocide, terrorism, oil embargoes and wars.

And in a way - Foreign Policy Initiatives- is proving Great Satan has learned "...from past mistakes..."

Pic - "Lo Down Ho Down"


Parvus said...

Sweet site! It's great to see someone boldly backing the neocons for a change. I can't wait to read what you have to say about the Spanish lawyer (and former terrorist) who's trying to have Spain go after Feith, Yoo, and others for "war crimes." That is so demented in so many ways!

PS. You should post more pics of you and your friends. =]

Jeff said...

I've submitted my email to FPI and look forward to its launch.

Excellent post. Thanks Courtney.

Skunkfeathers said...

Dr. Strangedork and his appeasement practice is welcome to move to Hamas country. Little Satan can do the rest ;)