Friday, November 27, 2009

Attitude Check!

"We are engaged in a great global conflict, one that is no less serious because it is unconventional and asymmetrical.

"Outreach, engagement, and exercises in “conflict resolution” are useful when the U.S. has a dispute with Mexico or when the Netherlands disagrees with Luxembourg. But this approach makes no sense when dealing with self-proclaimed jihadis eager to use 21st-century weapons to achieve 7th-century goals.

"Iran’s ruling mullahs have been killing Americans for decades — for example, in Beirut, Iraq, and most recently in Afghanistan. They write “Death to America!” on their missiles. It would be both foolhardy and irresponsible to let such extremists acquire nuclear weapons in the hope that somehow, when their capabilities match their intentions, they will suddenly decide they would prefer our respect rather than our destruction.

"If we are to prevent our enemies from doing the kind of damage they intend, we must stay on offense. We need to keep our enemies nervous, under pressure, and on the run. We’ll need to go after the bad guys in their training camps, laboratories, and safe houses — wherever those may be. We’ll need to force them to continually look over their shoulders and worry that they may be killed or captured — and being captured should not mean they are rewarded with a global stage to spout their propaganda at American taxpayer expense.

"We need to choose: Do we intend to advance or retreat, hunt or be hunted — win or lose? There is no fortress we can construct, no balance of power and terror we can achieve, no gesture or concession that will make us inoffensive to our enemies. When the barbarians are at the gate, you need to do more than lock up — and we haven’t even done that yet.

"George Orwell articulated a fundamental rule of national security: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Most of the West is now led by people who believe that rule may have once applied but no longer. If that doesn’t keep you awake at night, nothing will."

Pic - "Asymmetrical Anarchy"


Peter said...

I just want to grab every government type above the rank of dog catcher, slap 'em a couple of times, give them a good shake and scream in their faces "These cretins are threatening to kill my grandchildren! Don't you think you ought to take them seriously?"

If, after decades of these various Islamic idiots screeching "DEATH TO AMERICA!!!" there is actually a nuclear attack from them the surviving Americans will first remove Islam from the world and then painfully kill every one of the political idiots who ignored the warnings.

I have a friend who built and shoots a soup can cannon, a smoothbore that shoots plaster filled soup cans. His neighbors are fine with it. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing him clean it with the garden hose, lots of his neighbors have gon with him to shoots. This is because he has never pointed it at their houses, loaded it and screamed Death to my neighbors! If he did they'd call the cops and get out their hunting rifles. Too bad our politicians aren't that smart.