Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spy Wars II

In the ancient Crusader city of Tartous Syria, not long after Little Satan allegedly bushwhacked a super secret Syrian facility, where a mystery ship nom d'guerr'd Hamed ported of called and dropped off her fakebelieve load of cement from NoKo, Syria's chief spyguy General Suleiman had a really cool beach front love nest about 13 K north of the the medievel city walls.

Sulieman's summertime weekend gig usually included hanging out, swimming and catching up on super secret Syrian state security stuff.

On the first weekend of August last year, the General had a huge stash of stuff to review to prep for his chaperoning the Lion of Syria - Dr General President for Life Bashar - to Tehran for a magical meeting of kindred malevolent spirits.

The General's security posse never let the guy out of their sight - the original super villan - Imad Mughiyah had just been dispatched to the perfumed Gardens of Paradise on St Valentine's Day in downtown Damascus - and security was totally off the hook. As the regime's top cat to the global community on nuclear issues, nailing his hide to the wall would be a worthy trophy!

After an evening of work, a movie, rest and a quick bfast - General Suleiman - decided on doing a quick dip in the pretty, pretty pristine sparkly waters of the Med and to feel the glittery sand tingling and slightly burning his bare feet so the security detachment escorted him to his own private beach.

"The sea was calm that morning. Yachts were cruising off the coast, and there was nothing to raise suspicions in Tartous, a popular sailing destination for Syria's moneyed aristocracy where boats can be chartered for visits to nearby Arwad Island and its fish restaurants.

"An unusually sleek yacht came within 50 meters of the coast, but it was not close enough to raise any red flags with the bodyguards when their boss decided to jump into the sea.

"No one even heard the gunshots, which were probably fired from precision rifles equipped with silencers. But they clearly came from offshore, striking Suleiman in the head, chest and neck.

The sleek, slinky sexyful yacht sweetly slipped off at high speed and disappeared into Internat'l waters.

"The general died before his bodyguards could do anything for him.

Pic - "Little Satan Got Claws!"


mauryk2 said...

I thought I was reading a Robert Ludlum spy novel.

Debbie said...

That was great.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Steve Harkonnen said...

Auntie GSG, tell us the one about when some hooded creepy looking guy on a big black horse came trampling through to the Capitol bldg and threw a sack on the steps that contained bin Laden's head.