Friday, March 5, 2010

"Tactical Prelude"

As the Battle of Marjah follows the 'taking' part and begins to enter the 'holding' part - get ready for a hot! summer!

Great Satan and her allies are redrawing the face of combat command in the Af part of AfPAK - prepping for a lo down ho down in Taliban Town - Kandahar.

A tactical prelude.

"Regional Command South is led by British Maj. Gen. Nick Carter, the architect of the Marjah offensive. With a new command established, Gen. Carter would shift his focus to Kandahar, leaving a yet named incoming American general to oversee operations in Helmand."

"Until recently, there were 2,000 Canadian and American troops patrolling Kandahar province, a small fraction of the troops deployed to Helmand and other regional hotspots.

And those numbers are about to sky rocket - especially as Great Satan plots send at least one reinforced "Screaming Eagle" Brigade from the 101st Airborne Division to Kandahar later this spring, which will push NATO troop levels up by at least 4K.

"A senior military official said another incoming brigade may also be sent to Kandahar this year, and other troops will be redeployed from within Afghanistan for the offensive.

"There won't be a shortage of manpower, and that's a huge change from every earlier attempt to secure the city," the officer said. "Kandahar had always been the definition of an 'economy of force' mission, and the Taliban exploited that to the hilt."

Pic - "Redefined!"