Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dawn Blitz

Sweet! Great Satan's Teufel Hunden does an undressed rehearsal of the amphibious culture that has always been a hot bona fide for Semper Fi seaborne Regime Changers.

Amphibious vehicles were like seapanzers, blitzing through the surf, rocking the Marines inside like a rollercoaster. Black smoke pumped from their engines as helicopters, including CH-46 known as Sea Knights, blared overhead.

In real life - any enemies on the beach would be in for a very tough yet short and agonizing time.

Dawn Blitz began on May 24 and Friday was the final day. For weeks, about 4,500 Marines and Navy personnel from different bases throughout SoCali had been completing smaller exercises, but the culminating day rolled all the training into one. The military is constantly training separately, but Dawn Blitz provided a chance to coordinate.

Expect Teufel Hunden to do the Dawn Blitz with about 4.5K cats every other year from now on and complete tiny tiny amphib sexercises nom d'guerr'd Dawn Blitz light during the in-between years.

Great Satan's penchant for keeping the lid off any chance to act out if the need or even opportunity arises is absolutely correct. Maintaining COIN and consistently developing new ways to do the Leviathan thingy at the same incredible instant.

Pic "Dawn Blitz 2010 - Hot n Wet"