Sunday, June 13, 2010

Loudspeakers Of War


Only in the long divided peninsula of Korea - the southern half popped up with a free, fun hot! democrazy and the northen half essentially a slave engined underground rocket factory with a nation state attached comes some blaring news - and it's not about NoKo's murderous attack on a ship in their own sovereign waters.

It's about Loudspeakers and Psy Ops.

"...North Korea warned of an “all-out military strike” to destroy South Korean loudspeakers and other propaganda tools along their fortified border, according to the North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency.

"...South Korea’s preparation for psychological warfare, is a “direct declaration of a war” against the North, the general staff of the communist state’s military said today in a statement on KCNA. The North’s military retaliation may turn Seoul into “a sea of flame,” the statement said.

Pic "Comedy serves as a true textbook of life teaching the youth vanguard how they should work to implement the line and policy of the Workers' Party of Korea."


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