Wednesday, October 3, 2012

44"s FoPo Follies

Oh Snap!!

For eons perhaps - 44 and his posse of lady brainiacs have managed to keep FoPo (foreign policy for the tragically unhip) off the radar screen in Great Satan"s electile dysfunction season.

The quiet yet massive increase in drone-strike killings, the reluctance to support democratic regime-change in Iran, saying yes to the Afghan surge while insisting on an expiration date, his unwillingness to push for a continued presence in Iraq, his capitulation to 43" policies on Gitmo and domestic terrorism trials, the administration's reflexive spinning of thwarted and actual terrorism attacks (the Time Square and "underwear" bombers, the Ft. Hood shooting) as "isolated incidents" — all gave the impression there was nothing to worry about with 44 at the helm.

Not anymore!!
It is not clear whether U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied or made a fool of herself — and the administration — when she blamed a video for the Sept. 11 Libya attack and denied that the administration's security precautions were scandalously insufficient.

On a slew of Sunday shows on Sept. 16, Rice said the two former Navy SEALs who were also killed were providing security. Former Navy SEAL bodyguards do not die in safe houses far from those they're protecting, just as spontaneous mobs do not orchestrate a sophisticated ground assault complete with rocket-propelled grenades.

The Libya follies are merely the most visible flashpoint of the larger unraveling of the Obama administration's foreign policy. The Gtreat/Little Satan Hook Up has become a bad soap opera. Afghanistan is slipping away, as our troops are being killed by the men they're supposed to be training for the handover. Egypt is now run by the You Know What Brotherhood. Russia casually mocks and defies. China is rapidly replacing us as an Asian hegemon and rattling sabers at our ally Japan.

Iraq is rapidly becoming an Iranian vassal state. When 44 entered office, we had nearly 150,000 troops in Iraq and much sway over the course that nation took. Now we have 150 and almost no sway. Sectarian violence is up, and Al Qaeda in Iraq is resurgent.

Pic - "Peace In Our Time"