Friday, October 5, 2012

Ottoman Syrian War

Conflicting violence is seldom contained with in borders - and the recent artillery duel betwixt the Ottomans and Suriya al Kubra gives a few direct hits
Turkey's shelling of Syrian positions and its calling of an emergency meeting of Nato ambassadors represent a final warning to the authorities in Damascus - a signal that Turkey's patience has worn thin and that President Bashar al-Assad can expect an increasingly robust response if Turkish territory is fired upon again.

Nato gave strong backing to the Ankara government, just as it did back in June when Syrian forces downed a Turkish reconnaissance jet.

But the early signs are that both Ankara and Damascus have no desire for a protracted conflict. Public opinion in Turkey has not sought Turkish intervention in Syria - though this could change with repeated shelling of Turkish soil.

And President Assad already has enough problems. But the incident inevitably fuels the growing fears of a spill-over of the Syrian crisis into a broader regional conflict.

Other causalities include Lebanon and funnily enough - the terroristical Posse of Allah - Hiz"B"Allah! 
Lebanon, unlike Turkey, is simply not acting like an independent nation. That Beirut sits quietly while Damascus runs roughshod over Lebanon’s territorial integrity is embarrassing. It is no doubt with envy that many Lebanese are watching Turkey defend itself. Meanwhile our own Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour, is essentially a Syrian agent.

Damascus is actively trying its best to create chaos, strife and sectarian tension in Lebanon, yet the government has done nothing. This is not how a state behaves. What’s worse, it seems from the funerals held earlier this week for fallen Hezbollah fighters that the most powerful broker in this government is militarily engaged on the Syrian regime’s behalf.

The Party of God is rubbing in our faces its true colors. Hezbollah cares nothing for Lebanon. It is not a national party. It is a Syrian and Iranian proxy.

Pic - "Türk Kara Kuvvetleri!!"


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