Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jabhat al-Nusra

Suriya al Kubra!

As the fighting grinds on in Syria - Great Satan took the op to add another gang of creeps and murderous jerks to her Official Enemies List!

Ansar al-Jebhat al-Nusra li-Ahl al-Sham - roughly meaning Supporters for the Front for Victory for the People of Syria and sweetly shortened to the way more handable Jabhat al Nusra or as the cool kids nom d'guerre it - al Nusra Front.

 Sounds like an al Qaeda posse, right?

Ranging from bombing TV stations to a murderous trend of  killing captured unarmed combatants, al Nusra also enjoys suicide bombing, deploying car bombs and may be the most effective anti Assad fighters around.
The Al Nusrah Front has by far taken the lead among the jihadist groups in executing suicide and other complex attacks against the Syrian military. The terror group has now claimed credit for 42 of the 51 suicide attacks that have taken place in Syria in the past 12 months. The group has also conducted numerous other attacks against the Syrian military and government.

Known to conduct joint operations with other Syrian jihadist organizations. In mid-November, Al Nusrah reported that it attacked a base in Idlib along with the Ahrar al Sham Brigades, and even shot down a Syrian MiG fighter aircraft.
 Al Nusrah Front is also conducts joint operations with the Free Syrian Army, which is often upheld as the secular resistance to Assad's regime. On Oct. 11, Al Nusrah, the Free Syrian Army, and Chechen fighters overran a Syrian air defense and Scud missile base in Aleppo  In August, Al Nusrah said it attacked a police station outside of Damascus along with the Al Sahaba Battalion, a unit of the Free Syrian Army that operates in the capital
Al Nusrah has become more appealing to Syrian rebels as the group's fighters are better organized and have expertise from waging jihad in Iraq and elsewhere, and have integrated their operations with the Free Syrian Army.

Pic - "Salafi-jihadist groups such as Jabhat Nusra is far more dangerous because it represents a metamorphosis of a Salafi-jihadist ideology into a domestic platform that is able to achieve popular resonance."