Friday, December 21, 2012

Systemic Fail


"Systemic failures and management deficiencies" left Great Satan's Especial Mission in Benghazi "grossly inadequate to deal with the attack." 

The report deals with the talent of the staff on site  - talented but relatively inexperienced. Cats were like 40 days at the gig granting "diminished institutional knowledge."

And Security  - with 29 ways to make it more better including NOT using the totally suspect eLibyan February 17 Martyrs’ Brigade for guard duty

Notably missing from the Unclassified version is the hap hap happy fact that Benghazi is a very short distance from Derna - the most profligate city in North Africa for sending cats to fight in Iraq or the Stan 

Or any mention of why cause the video falsely kept getting massive play as a raisan d'etre until finally - it was the cause of over 20 riots in various turf betwixt Suez and Indus  

Pi - "The mess left behind"