Thursday, April 4, 2013

al Medina!!

Karbala Gap had been studied by Great Satan"s "This We"ll Defend" cats for eons. Along with Euphrates river, it's like the last ob ob obstacle to a, uh, forced entry into Baghdad.

Ebberdobby knows - with a tiny tiny amount of land navigation skills and Ba"Athist Iraq knew it too. As Great Satan"s double pincers of Army Panzers and Teufel Hunden sweetly did their Barbarossa style advance into Iraq, Iraqi High Command unAssed their most powerful force.

al Medina 2nd Panzer Division. Crafted from 2nd and 10th Armored Brigades,14th Mechanized Brigade and a reinforced Inf Brigade - this Elite Republican Guard unit left their comfy billets north of the capitol and moved south to counter attack the deadliest army of the age - Great Satan"s one and only "Rock of The Marne" 3rd Inf Division. 

The Rock"s combat power was unparalled:

"An infantry division in name only, fielding 270 Abrams M1 tanks with mobile infantry that could be hastily formed into adhoc battle groups to handle a variety of missions"

al Medina was caught flat footed a decade ago today by Great Satan"s air superiority and suffered horrendous losses. A B 52 strike is indeed a wondrous event.

Iraq's al Medina Division recovered just in time to suffer total annihilation by Great Satan"s advancing panzers of Rock of the Marne, who prepped the very next day to trek into down town Baghdad

Pic - "Cajones, eh?"