Monday, April 1, 2013

Das Reich

Deutschland ist der seig!

Eons after the ancient destructive wars that left Europa looking as barren und blasted as the surface of the moon, the verdict is in schatze!

Teutonika won the 100 Year War without any new clear weaponry, a single aircraft carrier, or a military base abroad.

Deutschland"s emergence as THE Europa über power evokes tonnes of suck memories for any and all of her neighbors. Even tho -  
Whether the year was 1870, 1914, 1939, or 2013, Europeans always have feared a united Germany, whose people, for a variety of cultural reasons, produce more wealth than the nation’s size might otherwise suggest. 

Und now, Germany is throwing her fully crunk deutschmark weight around, mein fuhrer - without firing a shot! 
After years of subordinating themselves to the European project, not least because of guilt at causing World War II and their abominable conduct during it, the Germans have said enough is enough.

The intimate Franco-German axis has broken down. Merkel despises Hollande’s refusal to cut public spending in France, and his insistence on trying to raise taxes, and has little but contempt for him as a politician.

For his part, Herr Hollande wants a devalued euro which would be cheaper on the foreign exchanges and thus encourage exports — something the Germans simply will not countenance. 

There can be no meeting of minds, and so Germany is now going her own way.

However, there can be just one result from this truly historic shift in policy: the end of the euro as we know it. It will not only be Cyprus, over the next year or so that finds it impossible to afford to stay in the club on Germany’s terms (even though the island’s president this week said that it would not leave the euro).

History shows it is, always, only a matter of time before Germany ends up dominating Europe. After years of refusing to assert itself, Germany’s time has come again.

The Fourth Reich is here without a shot being fired: and the rest of Europe, and the world, had better get used to it.
Her  spot - naturlich! hass alvays been as the hegemon of Europa - 
There is one general rule about the history of the modern state of Germany since her inception in 1871: Anytime Germany has been both unified and isolated, armed conflict has inevitably followed.
 Let's wait and see what happens when Europeans not only default on lots of German-backed loans, but also defiantly announce that they should not have been given them in the first place -- and thus should not have to them back at all. Injury for Germany is one thing; insult on top of it might be quite another. 

History is quietly whispering to us in our age of amnesia: "Don"t keep poking Germania unless you are able to deal with her when she wakes up."

Pic - "Without a shot!!"


Leif said...

A few months ago, I wrote about this reality in the Financial Times comments. Concluding with "Ein volk, ein reich, ein euro!" got me banned for a whole year. =(