Monday, August 19, 2013

Suez Stuff

While 44 cancelled the Great Satan -  Aegypt military exercise known as Bright Star, cats seem divy'd over keeping up the 1.5 or so billion bucks to the Coupmaking caretaking Military Gov

Nork City Great Satan Fans editorialized a Realpolitik style bit pointing out the Military is the best bet to coincide with Great Satan's material interests namely:
Free passage through the Suez Canal; the suppression of insurgents throughout the country, especially the Sinai; and, most important, maintenance of the peace treaty with the Little Satan. The military has always been an acceptable guarantor of those objectives, and any government led by the Muslim Brotherhood would not be, out of incompetence and hostility.
While this clarian call doesn't go far enough in expressing ideals that Great Satan should and must use whatever influ she has to keep the military towards stability AND caretake Aegypt's generational trek to a fun and free choice egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, freedom of religion, periodic, transparent elections, a military under civilian control, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight and a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny

Mantaining Writ of State in Sinai and taking a break from tormenting girls with V Checks would be a bonus perhaps - yet that is just another reason why cause Great Satan should embrace the Military regime in a deathly bear hug

Pic - "That’s what’s in Egypt’s future right now—persistent civil strife between the military and its supporters on one side and the Brotherhood and its supporters on the other."