Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ulchi Freedom Guardian

It's time!

Ulchi Freedom Guardian is fixing to get all crunk up on the Korean peninsula

Defensive drills aimed at preparing for a full-scale invasion by North Korea and are based on computer-assisted simulations, with little actual movement of personnel or equipment.

Some 30,000 U.S. troops from the U.S. Forces Korea and U.S. mainland will join 50,000 South Korean troops from several Army corps, naval fleets, and air wings.

This year's drill will also be observed by Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Norway and the U.K., which were part of the UN forces during the 1950-53 Korean War.
Long shot perhaps - yet it may provide stimuli for NoKo and her Young General to act out and continue her 3 part juche habit of brinkmanship, charm offensive, and renewed provocation, thus
Providing North Korea with her latest pretext for testing the patience of Great Satan and South Korea. Certainly, the North Korean system’s seemingly inherent need for instability—and the frustrations of its current situation—provide every reason to be on guard against new provocative actions by North Korea

Pic - "The masters of the revolution and construction are the masses of the people and that they are also the motive force of the revolution and construction."