Friday, June 19, 2015

The Off Shore Balancing Myth

Cheese and rice!

The amoral corrupt cult accolytes of realpolitk protrude yet another protruberance and a redux of Off Shore Balancing sans real results that can make you weep.

The best way, as put by Dr. Stephen Walt, to attain our strategy goals in the Middle East is to act as an “offshore balancer” in the region, shedding ourselves of special relationships and attempts at regional re-alignment. Our forays into shaping the Middle East through favoritism, exclusionary alliances, and local power balancing have stalled our progress in achieving strategic interests, and are limiting our partners in the Middle East from accomplishing theirs. Our successes in the past are a direct result of a more flexible approach to our relationships in the region, and we have the opportunity to refine our strategic approach to the Middle East.

As this sorry exercise in unserious non profit jawflapping appears, the fly in the ointment is the existence of ISIS' Caliphate. After all, is there a more better raison d'etre to tip the scales against organized rebirthed al Qaeda, now with sanctuary and a nation state of sorts?

Actually, Off Shore Balancing was all thought up by the caboose end of the über risible yet unhelpfully hurtful Waltsheimer's Affliction, charter member of Little Satan Hating Posse infamy (and spiritual creator of the totally correct risque repartee' RE: "Wehrmacht Protuberance Envy") fires up a blunt grand strategy review, that shamefully takes up where the F. B. I told you so guy left off.

This partic suspect piece is essentially yet another (yay) realpolitik salespitch for "Offshore Balancing" - fully crunk with fakebelieve you know what's - to counter Great Satan's internat'l diplopolititary couture, her smashin' fashion avec l' hyper puissance: