Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Refugee Quiz

Ah, before Great Satan gets sucked in too far loaded up with Syrian refugee/migrant cats - may be time for the Five Questions...

Some 4 million persons have fled the Syrian civil war, and another 7 million are internally displaced. The plight of these persons is tragic. Yet Americans should not confuse “leading the world” with a reflexive openness to the world’s heavy-laden. The  administration should not receive a single Syrian refugee unless it is able to answer adequately the following five questions.

1. Can we distinguish between genuine refugees and economic migrants?


2. If so, can we adequately investigate refugees to make sure none have ties to terrorist organizations?


3. If so, can we prioritize actually vulnerable refugees?


4. If so, can Syrian refugees be hosted in a way that does not overburden local communities?


5. If so, can Syrian-refugee communities prevent the rise of Islamism in the second and third generations?