Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Future Air Force Drones

Using a Wild Blue Yonder Ouija board...
The Air Force, which is planning on developing unmanned aerial systems that can work autonomously and in teams, is looking for the next generation of machine-to-machine teaming software, which could enable UAS to operate in “swarms.”

The service has issued a request for information looking for possible sources of machine-to-machine, or M2M, software in preparation of the Air Force Special Operations Command’s increment III Capabilities Development Document, which the service expects to validate in the fourth quarter of this year

According to the RFI, the Air Force is seeking a suite that can meet requirements in a minimum of five areas:

Air superiority, allowing combat controllers to maintain positive control of the aviation environment during operations and direct air/ground operations within an assault zone, while also operating in harsh weather conditions to “collect, analyze, predict, tailor, and integrate critical hydrographic, geological, and meteorological information.”

Rapid global mobility, supporting combat controllers and special operations weather teams in a variety of operations and meteorological assessments.

Global persistent attack, supporting tactical air control parties in planning and coordinating attacks and delivering close air support.

Global integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, including deep strike capability in addition to ISR.

Personnel recovery, supporting search and recovery; emergency trauma care; casualty collection, treatment and evacuation; confined space/collapsed structure/technical extrication; team medicine; and high/low angle rescue.
The Air Force, noting that it’s looking for information but not proposals, is soliciting fairly brief (no more than 10-page) responses by June 30.