Friday, January 11, 2008

2 Tons A Minute

Key players were all hanging at the very first Happy Birthday party for the Surge. Especially hosted by the very same regime changer that kicked off Operation Iraqi Freedom this celebration host with the most was Great Satan's "Rock of the Marne." Large and in charge (essentially an armoured division in all but name) - 3rd Infantry Division musters 270 Abrahm M1 MBT's (Modern Battle Tanks for the uninitiated) armored infantry brigades and can magically transform
"...rapidly into battle groups for any tasks demanded by the changing tactical
Current tactical sitch for Rock of the Marne on the Surge's B Day is especially fitting for a killing machine that made Imperial Germany scream "MERCY! PLEASE! STOP! a century ago.

Creating Sacred creds won in combat on shed red soil (in the defense of France no less), winning battles, regime changing militant Teutonicism and earning the highest praise of the Great Satan by old "BlackJack" himself for crafting

" of the most brilliant pages in the annals of military history"
"Marne Thunderbolt" creates brilliant pages in the New Millenium. IIIrd Infantry's Bravo Company drives shattered remnants of AQII before them, wretched rejects and creeps who are very different a year to the day from their unholy reign as horrific out of control caliphaters who victimized, tormented and abused hostage tribes.

The suspected insurgents broke contact, but in an attempt to thwart their
escape, Soldiers of Company B used a grenade launcher to discourage the enemy’s
movement. Firing three grenades, Spc. Carlos Lopez, an infantryman and team
leader for Company B, attempted to halt the enemy’s retreat by denying them
Forced into "Safe Houses' - a controlled kill zone really - Great Satan grants instant easy access to the banks of rivers of milk and honey, the embrace of the dark eyed ones and the perfumed halls of Paradise. Haj to Iraq for Jihad is a dumb thing to do, it's also down right deadly.(which may explain the appeal for death worshippers like al Qaeda in Iraq. A.Q. v4.0
"Precision air strikes supported Operation
Phantom Phoenix
, the overarching operation that includes Operation Marne
Thunderbolt."A joint operation between the Air Force and Soldiers of the 2nd
Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division required extensive planning to
prevent collateral damage."

Seduced and juiced, the Press is sucking up to the irresistable Great Satan and her fully crunk future infantry. AP's Hamza Hendawi almost faints describing the fury - the majesty - of America Unbould - true righteous vengence preceisely delivered on her enemies head after this episode in Marne Thunderbolt's:

"Fierce airstrikes, U.S. and Iraqi soldiers advanced through smoldering citrus
groves into areas that were important al-Qaida enclaves. Little initial
resistance was reported."

Surge's BDay shindig ended with a totally off the hook bang. 40K lbs of the world's most accurate, most annihilating - and in a most American way - the most humane methodology of intelligent tactical lo down ho down air strikes in the history of warfare:

"Two B-1 Bombers and four F-16 fighter jets, directed bombs at three large target areas. Each bomber made two passes and the F-16s followed to complete the set. Coordination between the Army and Air Force was essential in making the operation a success. Thirty-eight bombs were dropped within the first 10 minutes, with a total
tonnage of 40,000 pounds"

2 tons a minute!


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Why does this make me smile?

Kickin' ASS and to hell with names!!!

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

If we maintain our faith in God, love of freedom, and superior global air power, the future [of the US] looks good.

— General Curtis Lemay

Great site, Air Force link...Good post and you're doing an splendid job at this site...

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

Wondering if you have seen the "fantastic" video at "The Capital Tribune", have a look at the Jan 6 post....

Right Truth said...

That's some party favor, 40,000 pounds of birthday bang. Do we know how to throw an anniversary party or what?

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Beaman said...

Next job is to give the Iranians a 'Muslim New Year' present by make their speed boats go pop. It'll look stunning at night.

Yankee Doodle said...

40,000 lbs in ten minutes...

As they say: The terrorists have won the toss, and the terrorists have elected to receive.


Anonymous said...

Courtney, TF calls bs on this story... Personally, I believe it...