Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Faking It

Faking it. Everyone's done it - pretending to enjoy something not all that enjoyable. Or acting out unbearably about something really quite bearable. Faking it.

Deploying a medical brigade at the the make believe border with ex colonial Masters (who share the very same language, dialect, culture and military track record) of Egypt, the world's very first freely and openly elected suicide regime in history attemps to overcome the worlds acute case of Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue. Gaza Strip Chief cat Mahmoud Zahar diagnosed the reason for a massive medical display

"We are asking Arab and Muslim nations not to leave the Palestinians alone to
face the terrorist country of America and the Zionist entity"

Risable rich - since HAMAS's isolation was self inflected and openly embraced by the fiery rocketeers of the Gaza Strip. Back in November, (when the power was on and Little Satan faithfully fed her client state electricity and everything else) HAMAS dissed honest invites to Annapolis and deployed intelligent shielding for morters, missiles and everything else.
Completing and celebrating total illegitimacy as sovereigns is entirely self defeating. Abdel Rahman Rashed (the unofficial Official Saudi Royals' spokescat) of Arab Arabiya News insists:

"Hamas committed a stupid act when it gave the Israelis an excuse to launch
attacks in retaliation for a few antique rockets. Prior to that, Hamas committed
a big crime against the Palestinian people by overthrowing the Palestinian
Authority in Gaza Strip. Palestinians have suffered a lot because of Hamas's
actions. Hamas is bringing Israel back into the Gaza Strip after it was
liberated by the Palestinian groups."
The EU's bona fided rep at HAMAS' Field Artillary Impact Area ( The town of Sderot for civilians) was Nederland's Foreign Minister Max Verhagen. Max caught an eyefull and was totally stessed - not only as a live target on tour (civilians after all are prime kills for missile militias) Max was fired up as Europa's man on the scene and most unsympathetic about hudna's, cash, or furniture. Pointedly presenting Palestinian projectile proficiency:

"makes clear and proves that there is no place for Hamas at the negotiating
The Gaza 'crisis' is really a fake. HAMAS is faking it in a fake war that only wounded 10 Israelis, while Little Satan is killing off rocketeers regardless of patronage including celebs like Islamic Jihad's brain trust Walid Obeidi - literally shot to pieces (like a true Sha Heed) and Hamas' Mahmoud Zahar dear son rocketed straight to paradise on a ride really meant for his old man.

Saudi King's fanboy defines all this as Nakbah Part II and quized the righteousness and wit for shooting off ancient morters and obsolete missiles, exponentially enhancing misery of the Palestinians in exchange for wounding 10 Israelis. Unverified sources in Fatah's West Bank Capital in Ramallah admit
" Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are paying a heavy price for Hamas's
irresponsible actions."
PA Infoboy Riad al-Malki said the latest crisis was the result of Hamas's
"insistence on creating an Islamic republic in the Gaza Strip."

Hot Pocket caliphates (Gaza style) have a very short shelf life. Little Satan indicates that blockades of power and/or goodies is totally up to HAMAS. Future shipments would hinge on regular assessments of Gaza's humanitarian needs and on the number of rockets fired by Palestinian militants. The Gaza power plant normally provides only 30 percent of the territory's electricity, but its closure affected a far greater proportion of the population because of the way the power grid system works. The bulk of Gaza's electricity, which comes from Israel and Egypt, was not cut off. Little Satan's PM Olmert shared no signs of relief for the HAMAS

"As far as I'm concerned, all the residents of Gaza can walk and have no fuel
for their cars, because they have a murderous terrorist regime that doesn't
allow people in the south of Israel to live in peace"

Max, still dissed about being down range at firing time was unwilling to hit the Strip and jaw with the HAMAS anytime soon:

"Before we can speak to Hamas, it must recognize Israel. It must renounce
violence and hand over the authority in Gaza to the Palestinian structures, and
the Netherlands will strictly adhere to this position also within the European

That would be the Kiss of Death for a death cult whose very reason for existence was to fight Little Satan's 'occupation." Since Little Satan split the strip nearly 3 years ago - HAMAS really is on borrowed time.

Cranking up the heat Little Satan's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni laughed off tales of Hudna's, Collective punishment and boring UN talk of sessions.

"The Gaza Strip is a problem. The Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas, which is a
designated terrorist organization not only in Israel but also in Europe. They
abuse the fact that they control the Gaza Strip, a place from which Israel
withdrew. We left the Gaza Strip, we dismantled all the settlements in the Gaza
Strip, we took our forces out, yet we are being attacked on a daily basis from
the Gaza Strip.
We need to address this challenge and to address these terror
attacks and to act against terrorism coming from the Gaza Strip."

HAMAS, choked by a blockade of their territory and by their own design, find it increasingly difficult to hold on to power. Attempting to raise sympathy, faking a humanitarian crisis only to pressure Fatah to end the Jerusalem Jaw flapping joust.

Stopping rockets and missiles may take more than blockades, and fake events, a full-scale turf capturing blitz by Little Satan won't be a fake.

Hamas can't govern effectively because of the crippling economic sanctions, and Gazans are becoming increasingly vocal in their complaints about their rulers' failure to provide basic services.

The next time HAMAS screams out - it may not be a fake out - but a take out - all the way out.

Little Satan's PM explained:

"We have no desire to harm the residents of the Gaza Strip, but we
will not accept this reality
; we will continue to fight the Jihad and the
Hamas, and all those who join them, without compromise and without pity."


Right Truth said...

One report said that Bush gave the OK for Olmert and Abbas to use any means necessary to take down Hamas. Why do they need Bush's permission is my question.

Nice post as always.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen Townsend said...

Well said, Courtney. Just this morning my husband heard something on NPR about the U.N. providing 1 million meals a day to the Palestineans and he flipped out. No sympathy in this house for the poor, oppressed, occupied animals. Pssst.

Smooth said...

What do they expect Israel to do? Sit there while rockets pound Sderot haphazardly? The goverment has an obligation to protect its citizens, which they have been grossly lax in doing. The palestinians should consider themselves lucky that restraint has been shown so far. They can't honestly expect Israel to not protect Sderot and other Israeli cities. The Israeli government is responsible for the safety of its own people, not the safety of arabs living in Gaza. Great post as always, GF!