Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rocket Rich Rejects

The Gaza Strip - the smallest of the Little Satan's client states is a magical place where life is cheap and death is praised, precious and preferred. Since the HAMAS seized power, the leaders of this spin off Death Cult have twisted logic and tactics into mentis non compos for their deadly desire to retain power, impose their dark vision on their own people and a nigh unhinged urgency to commit nat'l kamikaze on the indespensible host state of Israel.

A crazy chaotic ex Egyptian coastal colony totally dependent for nearly everything sans weaponry from a democratic member of the UN whose name the ruling theocratic armed to the teeth intolerant fanboys of the Strip cannot bear to speak aloud. Little Satan's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni says it out loud. The Gaza Strip is an

"Enemy entity. It's not a secret that Hamas is a terrorist organization"
The "We are so last year" plan of suicide bombers (martyrs in Arabic) is, for all intents and purposes - null and void. All 'cause the Wall the Little Satan elected to have erected after splitting Gaza in '05 forces the HAMAS' new millenium plan to swap suiciders for missiles. Recently sacked Palestinian Foreign Minster(HAMAS)Mahmoud a-Zahar shared tactical tips before the coalition Palestinian Gov collapsed and losing his gig.

"Which do you think is more effective, martyrdom operations or rockets against
Sderot? Rockets against Sderot will cause mass migration, greatly disrupt daily
lives and government administration and can make a much huger impact on the
government. We are using the methods that convince the Israelis that their
occupation is costing them too much. impact on the Israeli side is so much."

Weaponry wise - Gaza got Game! Hooked up with Hiz'B'Allah cadre saavy from facing Little Satan's Land/Air Battle capabilities and tactics.Irans fans prep fortified positions and tank kill zones, The HAMAS is stoked and stocked re: recreating a WWII Russian style ''Kursk" slow go slow bleed strat that will force an Israeli armored Strip response to chop their way through an immense no man's junkyardland of wrecked armor, martyrs and victims. IDF Brigadier General Yossi Baidatz, head of the IDF intelligence research department, confirms

" that Hamas has smuggled advanced anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles into the
Gaza Strip. Hamas may even have smuggled a number of RPG-29 rocket-propelled
grenades, Grad rockets (think 122mm gussied up K'tyushas), Sagger, Konkurs and
Kornet anti-tank missiles from the Sinai into the Gaza Strip."

When Egypt recently cried foul on behalf of legally outmanuvered West Bankers about Jerusalem's make believe borders, Little Satan's little Tzipi pointed out that Egypt may do better to worry about real borders like Egypt's border with Gaza. Egypt totally sucks on doing her gig as a sovereign nation by not being very productive at preventive cross border projectile proliferation

"Egyptian actions in the war against smuggling in the Philadelphi Corridor are
terrible and definitely have implications for future problems in the region,
such as the arming of Hamas in Gaza."

These implications may include withholding tons of the Great Satan's aid to Egypt. Leading the world in American aid (and gender apartheid) Egypt could go bust if President for Life Hosni's lazy border cats fail to

"detect and destroy the smuggling network and tunnels that lead from Egypt to

The Gaza Strip is top heavy with innocent civilians too. Out of a total pop of 1.5 million - nearly 1 million are rec'ving UNRWA bennie checks as Palestinian Refugees. What the heck? Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip? Palestine's Internal polls in both Palestines - your choice - reflect or 'snapshot' that West Bankers or Gazans - do NOT want to live in a sharia law loving Preachers Paradise. No surprise - as they boast the highest Arab League average literacy rate of 92% - rather risable and remarkable to recieve higher ratings than ex Colonial Masters like Egypt and Jordan. Reckon the Little Satan should be blamed for that too?

Philosophical diversity aside - HAMAS has proven totally pysched to exploit 'n' employ these human sheilds to productively pursue their PLO rival Fatah's Phased plan. The HAMAS is counting on these civilians. Any Sharon style Panzer Strip Surge would no doubt be countered with Gaza franchised Green Helmeted guys, ala Al Qana assorted dead innocents and the outrage la obligitore', like Islamic Rage Boy's pending comeback out act.

In the new millenium's new and lame stream media age, the PR fall out from a mean Jenin armored blitz could be nigh unbearable. HAMAS is using rockets and threats of rockets like padded brasieres to bait and drive Israel batty so she acts out and dents that human shield.

Good luck. Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue is all the rage. HAMAS dissed public appeals and ditched Annapolis. The Arab League doesn't seem particulary jazzed about pressing cries for mercy from dysfunctional self destroyers and rocket rich rejects.

Little Satan's unlamented 90 minute panzer blitz into Gaza seized crucial hoods to divy, split and seperate. Brig.Gen Moshe Tamir, IDF Commander of the Gaza division, explained the IDF’s operational goals:

"The operations are conducted 2-3 km from the fence in order to prevent the
digging of tunnels, planting of explosive devices, infiltration into Israeli
communities, shooting attacks against Israeli farmers on their land near the
fence, and the firing of rockets and mortal bombs at Israel…"

This free style preventive land snatch requires protection and Little Satan puts the tech in protection. Like all free wheeling, dealing, financially hip, tolerant, egalitarian societies - Israel weilds a high tech military conscripted from a nation of smart people, far above her tiny weight class. Little Satan is quietly taking out her enemies in the Gaza Strip with a Hot Pocket Caliphate new millenium style of tactics and weaponry. Super saavy sensors are deployed that match the nom de guerre of the Sonic Lynx. CEO Gil Pogozelich lets the cat out of the bag

"This system can be deployed wherever the force is - in an ambush or in a watchtower. The detection will take place 20 seconds before the infiltration, which is critical."

Little Satan sees in the dark and mercilessly takes out one of the Gaza Strips Thug clans - the Islamic Jihad. Drones, missiles, with real time visuals knock out a 2 dozen count rocket brigade including a celeb commander from both Palestines. Majed Harazin never had a chance.

Little Satan knew where he was headed before he did. Wanted for nine years on Israel's Most Wanted Harazin hung the ultimate hookup with a missile. Islamic Jihad's press conference at the morgue proved their humor was still intact though - IJ spokescat, Abu Hamza, told The Associated Press

"The blood of our comrades will be the fuel for the rockets that will bring
death and destruction to the Zionists."

Since then, Islamic Jihad has been floating in a sea of blood and rocket fuel. Little Satan has been relentless - knocking them off, vaporizing them on a daily basis and unverified sources claim several of HAMAS' homies have been infiltrated by naughty hottie spies and agents of the Little Satan right up to their necks.

Targeting from the top down, Israel makes Rocket Science the deadliest (and dumbest) occupation in the Gaza Strip. Gaza's premier rocket scientist Karim al - Dahdouh totally incinerated with his minions in a horrific vehicular missile collision that forced folks to search the nearby area for nonincinerated body bits.

In the 183 days that have passed since the middle of June, 428 rockets and 590 mortar bombs have been fired from the Gaza Strip.

Little Satan has constantly been on the offensive in Gaza killing off her enemies by the truckload in a tactical design far above traditional city fighting like Stalingrad or Grozny. Israel's Hot Pocket Caliphate (Sha Ria Law flavour) recipe is significant. The ultimate in humanitarianism, this is the 'safest' battlefield in history. Command and control centers with real time, intimate enemy line of sight, armed drones target terrorists with heavy weaponry capturing or killing them.

The burden is all on HAMAS and the nearly 2 dozen intolerant, girl fearing unhappy and unhinged doofus grandees in a hot pocket caliphate. And that burden includes the fact that the State holds the monopoly on violence.

If HAMAS can round up 100's of Fatah fans - then certainly they can reign in private armies, militias and home grown rocket artillery.These groups undermine the semi legitimacy that illegitimate rulers profess. And if those in power want to retain power - they'd best get a grip on weilding that monopoly - lest sovereignity slip away ala Lebanon or Pakistan.

HAMAS gets it - realizing Little Satan won't play the traditional 'Grozny' method of killing everyone in town to deny it to the enemy. Cries for a truce are not convincing. Little Satan blows it off as she openly laughs

"We are fighting Hamas and are seeking to weaken its control of Gaza, and bring
about the end of its reign there."

West Bank Palestine's Pres Abbas agrees totally - launching his own war against the HAMAS

"We have to bring down this bunch, which took over Gaza with armed force, and is
abusing the sufferings and pains of our people."


Karen said...

"Little Satan can see in the dark..." Snort! Great post.

Happy New Year, Courtney!

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Zahar said "Rockets against Sderot will cause mass migration". Well I think he's wrong. Little Satan doesn't run, so he better get his travel wardrobe ready.

Nice post as always. Happy New Year.

Debbie Hamilton
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Totally amazing. I don't know how you can find the time to come up with all the links, quotes and analysis you put together in a single post. My mind reels just trying to keep up with the information densely packed in each sentence.

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fabulous post girl!..Another female suicide bomber killed 10 Iraqis today..o hey looks like they found a use for their women eh!..pffttt!

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Oh my gosh. There are so many brilliant points that you made in this most comprehensive and articulate post that it should be emblazoned across the sky for all the world to read. How fortunate we all are to have you on our side. G-d Bless you, GF. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to know you.