Sunday, December 30, 2007


The officially proclaimed 3 days of mourning is really looking like a week or month or eternity of violence. The Nation's Mansoor Khan confides The Land of the Pure is ripping her own living guts out purely by herself

"Stick-wielding gangs roamed the deserted highways of Karachi, the country’s
normally teeming economic hub of 12 million people, trying to stop anyone who
ventured out of the house.The government imposed a ban on public meetings and
rallies. the army have orders to shoot at sight any miscreant."
This popular uprising is blazing out of control - curious since 'control' and her hand maiden 'stability' are the raison de existence' for concepts like martial law, presidents for life and faux elections.

Mourners of the slain policial Bhutto dynasty's fave daughter has nearly everyone blaming a government that doesn't want infidel experts looking into the assassination. And the list of suspects range from Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Pakistan's terrorist sympathising spooks in the ISI. This nebulus and nefarious militant club spyguy would have much to lose influence and prestige wise. The BBC leaks
"Indirectly through the ISI, Pakistan has been supporting terrorism and
extremism—whether in London on 7/7, or in Afghanistan, or Iraq."
Reinforcing President for Life Musharrif pleaful reminder to a fragmented nation that the Internat'l view of the Land of the Pure ain't so pure:
"All the terrorist activity in Afghanistan had its base in Pakistan, All the
freedom struggle in Indian Held Kashmir was Cross Border Terrorism from
Pakistan, All nuclear proliferation in the world had its source in Pakistan,
Pakistan is an intolerant militant extremist society."
Aside from accusations that the "killer General" and "Dog Musharrif" is the brainianc behind Bhutto's murder, the unhappy truth is that the successful hit on Benazir is as much an attempt to overthrow Pervez Musharrif and the Deathly Hallows as it is a trainwreck to concensual representative politics.

Just like in Iraq - chefs of 'Hot Pocket Caliphates' use suicide bombings, terror and assassinations to create chaos and to make Pakistan ungovernable - allowing the Red Mosque guys and friends the chance to impose their authority ala Taliban, the HAMAS, Hiz'B'Allah or Mahdi Army.

Threatened the most by a likely electoral victory of the PPP in January that most likely would have hooked up an informal alliance with Musharrif would be the kiss of death to intolerant mohammedists and given new life to embattled (and entrenched) pro west and Anti Taliban alliances in secular sections of Pakistan. Such a legitimate powerbase would in theory be free to launch military force against insurrectionists in urban enclaves and Federal No Go zones, without much concern.

And now? Musharrif's assassination would be the last straw. He must act and act now. Today. Presidents for Life traditionally beat critics with the nerf baseball bat of 'leadership'. Musharrif had best add substance to that word - allowing the Great Satan's and Great Britain's experts in to ascertain exactly what the heck happened.

Pres Pervez will have to demonstrate decisiveness and impartial tri partisanship that has been non existent recently - to regain control and attempt to regain respect - not only from rightfully disillusioned Pakistanis but the entire world.

Musharrif still has the backing of the Great Satan and Great Britain (though his one man 'Deathly Hallows' act is about to totally PO his only buds in the world). Time to repay that investment that legitmate democratic veto powered UN members have provided. First off - Speed is essential. Recent announcement of postponing the election must be honored. The political parties must be on board with this.

Musharrif will have to blitz enemies of democracy to prevent civil war. This means deploying real troops and cops to halt riots, provide real and impartial protection of all Pakistan's political leaders and rallies and a real military response to threats by Al Qaeda and intolerants like the Taliban Fan Club in the Federal Tribal No Go Zones.

The precarious Pres of the Land of the Pure will have to impose force with a much better success rate then he has so far and reneg on deals cut withdrawing troops from hot pocket caliphates. After all, democracy restoration often requires destruction of democracy's enemies.


Karen said...

You're absoltely right, Courtney. It's put up or shut up time for Musharrif. Now or never. Otherwise he'll be dead soon, too. His nine lives are about up.

franscud said...

Denying democracy never benefits anyone but those in power. I think the assassination helps Musharraf most because instability justifies martial law and the continuation of extra-legal measures to restore the control that everyone, including the West, tells us is necessary. Openness equality and democracy are principles that the reactionary forces of fanaticism will continually try to undermine, but in doing so they just serve the powers that be by perpetuating an equally repressive status quo. I don't know what the answer is to this terrorist tango, but the solution will not come from within the institutionalized Pakistani military/intelligence apparatus and their approved pool of politicians.

Donald Douglas said...

Musharraf is our man for now, although I'll be glad to see a legitimate government - committed to eradicating terror - come to power.

Nice posting, Courtney!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a little tragedy to bring out the best in people, eh? The people of Pakistan are showing their true colors in the wake of this incident, and what is truly concerning is the apparent inability for the nation to keep the people under control.

why is this concerning? Why not just sit back and watch them tear their country apart as they show the rest of the world just how civilized they can be?

Two words:

Nuclear arsenal.


StormWarning said...

"Oh, where, oh where" would we be if it weren't for the bungling British as their Empire crumbled? Aside from the unwillingness to blend with the Indian Hindu population and the ensuing war in 1947, the Bangladeshi War in 1971, the ongoing "disputes" over Kashmir, the influx of the mujahadeen from Afghanistan during the Russian-Afghan War, what actually gives anyone a belief that a stable, non-dictatorial, or pseudo-"democratic" gov't can exist in Pakistan?

Watch India.

heidianne jackson said...

it will be interesting to see if bhutto's son and her husband can move the masses to vote for them in her stead. musharref is betting they won't be able to, but i'm reminded of the whole corazon aquino scenario in the phillipines of the mid 80's.

i guess we shall see.

heidianne jackson said...

oh, btw, courtney - happy new year!!!

Debbie said...

Karen said "it's now or never", reminded me of a great song by Elvis:

"It's now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My love won't wait."

For Musharraf it truly is now or never, because peace and freedom won't wait. The Pakistani people are primed and ready.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth