Thursday, December 6, 2007

NIE 2007 Box Set Bonus Feature

Like music - math is universal. 2+2=4 anywhere. Natan Sharansky's essential "Case for Democracy" shares how 'fear societies' can use anything to desperately try and apply a thin veneer of legitimacy to illegitimate regimes, rulers and Supreme Leaders. All despots know that blurring the line between honest nat'lism and absolute rule is especially effective for young people. Indeed, in a media controlled, police state with a high literacy rate - math can be a wonderfull widget.

Hasan invented 918 Kilograms of Uranium. He sent 213 kilograms to the Bushehr
Power Plant and 348 Kilograms to the Natanz. How much Uranium does he have?
918-(213+348)=358 (918-213)-348=358

Reckon this bit of Intell was included in the NIE 2007? Does this indicate that Sharansky is totally correct?

In a free society the leaders’ function is to improve the lives of the citizens;
in a fear society the leaders function to improve only the lives of the leaders.


spree said...

I love it...thanks for showing me.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Hmmmm...math is not my thing, nor are word problems.

I guess they're just using real world examples and seeing that they don't have the weapons yet...

This isn't just going to go away like some want, is it?

Debbie said...

I love that math test, ha. I needed a good laugh. There are differences is societies. This fits in nice with the book CULTURISM. I just posted my book review. We need to see the differences in cultures and we need to SAVE our own from destruction from others. Nice post as always my girl friend.

I wonder what health education and sex education in fear societies is like. Ewwwaaahhh.

Right Truth

Karen said...

Sharansky rocks. I love to listen to him and his wisdom.

The word play at the end of your post is great.

heidianne jackson said...

they must be using my former sicilian exchange student to write their math exams. everything he did wrong in math (here in the states) he insisted that "it was right in italy, because math is different there).

Donald Douglas said...

Sharansky's a treasure.

Love the Pearl Harbor graphics - never forget!

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