Monday, December 17, 2007

Early Winter

Gwen Stefani is one of the Great Satan's treasures. Hard, heartbreaking work, honing her craft and perfecting her art with No Doubt. Gaining fans, fame, and superstar stats the Orange County girl with legs right up to her neck breaks out on her own. Her second solo album "Sweet Escape" features a prophetic caveat. Gwen's latest video details an oathbound hot hookup drifting with the season into a detente' amor. Lines are drawn, positions are fixed it's an Early Winter. Mournfully melancholy, there is a forbidding franticness about the track that realizes this semi life/love sitch (like the tune itself) may never resolve.
"It looks like an early winter for us It hurts and I can’t remember sunlight An
early winter for us The leaves are changing color for us"

Just like a seasonal change - the NIE 2007 fallout has shifted the worlds axis. Pretty, pretty colors turn - many disappear. Chilling inevitability. After tons of analysis and disections, the Great Satan's preimer fashion 'stache' grande' is most likely the most "moderately confident"
"Rarely has a document from the supposedly hidden world of intelligence had such
an impact as the National Intelligence Estimate released this week."
Impact indeed. Like catching a long time BFF hanging with the weeded out rock band down the street, the ripples of impact reverbrate and develop into determinded disbelief. Demands and denouncements demand a call for a Congressional investigations. Senator John Ensign points out
"Iran is one of the greatest threats in the world today. Getting the
intelligence right is absolutely critical, not only on Iran's capability but its
intent. So now there is a huge question raised, and instead of politicizing that
report, let's have a fresh set of eyes -- objective, yes -- look at it."

Totally correct - and totally in touch - after all, 3 out of every 4 Americans think the NIE is "...Make believe..." In the Great Satan, smart people openly quiz and openly wonder if strategic supposition sold by supposedly smart people warrant dropping the 'Intelligence' from the Central Intelligence Agency.
Now what?" is hit up repeatedly re: respected realpolitikers, think tank Hank's and their bona fided Missuses. Kissing cousins idea wise - unreal realism with the same ancient played pre911 playbook "We are so last year" Containment, isolation and encirclement abandoned and upgraded to
"Dialogue, compromise, and commerce"
Dialouge? Rapprochment? Really?

Maybe it is time for dialouge and realism. Like, realistically ask why does Iran ally with Lebanese politician killing Syria? Why the joint support and hook up of HAMAS/ Hiz'B'Allah? Heck fire, HAMAS is totally psyched to home wreck honest brokering of the ME's raison de retarde' between the Arab League, the Little Satan and her client state Palestine. Zealously successfully coup'ing against the equally wicked Fatah in Gaza, HAMAS leader K'Leed Mesha'al hangs hoodwise in Damascus, redeems friendly flyer miles to Tehran - the very def of internal interferrence. Just like the CRS release citing NoKo training and stashing expertise in Lebanon How do realists respond to that kind of dialouge?
"...insistence that Arab states array against Iran could further destabilize an
already volatile region..."
Destabilize? Realspeak for sure - totally Bakerized - like the Study Group deal - Iran and Syria might help out stabilizing Iraq as soon as they got through destabilizing Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya and of course - Iraq. Dialouge with Syria hasn't resulted in a blizzard of stabilization or compromise with targeting Lebanon's dwindling population of politicians.

Perhaps the concept of destabilization may actually make a better case for confronting, containing and ultimately regime changing an illegitimate murderously meddlesome oath breaking uranium enriching theocracy.

Fall out from the Nat'l Intell may indeed prove the old school Straussians and Pentagon Vulcans correct about many things. Neocons collectively since the ancient days of PNAC were totally jazzed on creating, sustaining and upgrading a future super cyber military. This fully crunk muscle power - about 30 years ahead of any unfree or semi free state - ever - is maxed to the max.

Boots on the ground, GPS eyes in the sky with worldwide line of sight and communications, fingers on the triggers, weilding high tech enemy annihilation on call with the utmost humanitarianism (brainiac drones that can fly and kill are intelligent weaponry - by def the ultimate in preventing innocent fatalities - also has the added benefit of putting paid to illiterate nonpatriots fave faux equation of American GI = terrorist formula). Facing down regimes that fear FaceBook or unlimited access to the internet could be fun and easy.

Or as an upgraded paraphrase from past UN Ambassador Albright might realistically read

"Why the heck have this 30 year in the future military if we can't use it to
eliminate corrupt petty Hitlerian regimes? Regimes that torment their own people
and export torment?"
Sec Def Gates pointedly points out realistically that
"The reality is that a number of countries, over the past 29 years, have engaged
economically with Iran. There are many companies that do business in Iran; many
countries that do business in Iran; that have hosted Iranian banks. There have
been significant economic ties and I see no evidence that any of that has
exercised any kind of a moderating influence on Iranian behaviour whatsoever. "
Why are these cats so hot for Cold War? Why the addiction to their amoral Cult of Stability? And why the resurrected interest in a diplomatic defeatist mind set? And why not apply a healthy dose of realistic redefinition to realpolitik realism? Stefani's soundtrack sweetly serenades, sorrowfully bows to absurdity
"Looks like an Early Winter. Why? Why? Why? Why do you act so stupid? Why? Why? Why? Looks like an Early Winter"


franscud said...

Wow, what a great post. You have a unique way of making the political seem poetic. Insightful as always, with more information and analysis then you'll get in an entire newspaper these days.

Bar Kochba said...

Amazing post! Relax, Iran just wants peace... and to bring the Mahdi through a nuclear apocalypse.

Thanks for the blogroll, I reciprocated.

PS Have you signed in support of the Jewish Declaration to the Nations? Its very important so please pass it on.

Yehudi01 said...

Fantastic post, Courtney, and I love the blog! (Not a big fan of the name of the blog, but it definately get's people's attention!)

Keep up the great work! I am placing a link on my blog to yours under 'Kosher Blogs'
L'Shalom, Yehudi

Debbie said...

Early Winter or Nuclear Winter??? If these mealy-mouthed politicians have their way it may be the latter in our future.

Seriously, do they not understand the unique threat that Iran poses? I guess not.

Another wonderful post and nice picture too.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

heidianne jackson said...

great imagery, courtney - thanks for getting my brain working so hard on a monday morning. after all of their [iran's] stated goals and beliefs are we somehow now to believe that they are only enchriching uranium for non-war-related reasons? yeah, whatever.

Karen said...

Eye catching photo. Great post, too. I'm so lovin' the way you write.

The NIE is just a joke, that's all there is to it. It's full of holes and smacks of the agenda driven autocrats that wrote the thing.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

It's always winter in Washington.

I guess they believe that Realpolitik and stability are the only way to do business. Why does it never occur to anyone that this is a part and parcel result of years of "stability."

To coerce or knock on the door militarily would create so much chaos, mayhem and death...real numbers you can count.

On the other hand, Realpolitik doesn't allow for the accuracy of it's a safe political bet to go with the tactic that can come off with no collateral damage caused by the U.S./West.

These days though, the U.S. is blamed for so much that I don't think realpolitik would pull this off.

Realpolitik is the easy way out; unfortunately they don't realize there is no exit.

Force the you say, there isn't much real about realpolitik (that is something that has always bugged me, but they got to the name/designation first).

Would the number of deaths be greater if we chose a non-realpolitik? I really don't think would be approaching the unavoidable sooner rather than later, which might in turn save more lives.

Baker and the rest can kiss my bum!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Francis! Thank you - I try to put a lot into them to make them worthwhile. Thanks for noticing!

Bar Kochba - Hey there my friend. Sweet pic - is that a 120mm Merkava tank cannon behind you there? Thanks for the link. BK was the very first person to comment on GsGf way back in March '07. I'll sign up thanks for thinking of me.

Yehudi01! Thank you for coming by. Yeah I know, the name is something else - reckon GrEaT sAtAn'S dAuGhTeR would be cool? Just Kidding! I am a strong believer in using my enemies words against them. THank you for the link. I went by your site and thought it was very informative as I'm ALWAYS shopping for cars. I wanted to leave a note - but I couldn't without using the GsGf name and I didn't want to freak all your friends.

Debbie! Nuclear winter -ARRRGGHHH! I wish I'd thought of that! You are too fast girl!

Heidianne - That was my take too. Essentially by enriching Iran is telling her neighbors (in a 2K Kilometer radius mind you) she could go nuke over a long weekend.

Karen Hey! Amazing isn't it? The NIE2007 just keeps creepin' like an old BF who looks worse everytime you see him. Frikking Sabotage I say.

Hi Blandly! I hear you - there has got to be a way to side step realpolitik and 'stability' which is a fantasy. Albright was on to something. Not really invade - but kill the regime. If they pull a HAMAS type election win and act out - do it again. Like Frank Pantangelees says in GFather II "We need to hit 'em now - while we got the muscle..."

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

'"We need to hit 'em now - while we got the muscle..."'

Ugly but practical. Hey we've all got to figure out a way to get more signatures for BK's Jewish Declaration...only 84 so far and that is bull hockey.