Monday, December 24, 2007


The Nuke Free since '03 NIE presents an unexpected especially sweet advantage for the Great Satan that amoral cultist refugees from the state dept's thug hugging despot fanboy fraternity never saw coming.

The Syrian Semtex style old school 'splosion that assassinated the 8th Pro Lebanese politician - (in less than 3 years no less) - may very well be the 'splosion that assassinated the last gansta style (old school) hit regime Bashar Al Assad is running. And Bashar Al Assad may also very well be the last Dr General President for Life Syria - indeed, the entire ME may suffer. Simply put, the Great Satan has lost interest. Flat out wore out in allowing maintainance of Assad's unproductive destabilizing stability as

"The reason why is because he houses Hamas, he facilitates Hezbollah, suiciders
go from his country into Iraq and he destabilizes Lebanon"
Syria is also a world leader in human trafficking. Unclean! Slave trading Syrians enjoy a weird legitimate glow of illegitimacy, profaning by presence the very ideals and soul of the UN's ancient institutions like Human Rights Commission.

Syria is totally isolated with over 19 million Syrians - average age 21 and a literacy rate of
nigh 80% (76.9 for those who collect such information). A totally controlled, computerized Police State with 1.5 million online. A Facebook account can get you thrown in jail, killed or worse.

Like all control freaks, Al Assad has a built in and inherited dependent population - 1.5 plus million. Over 300K displaced persons and a true underclass of fellow arab 'foreigners' (foreigners who all share nigh identical dialects, customs and values). 700K plus Iraqi's, over 400K Palestinians.

What the heck? Palestine - (your choice - phased planned PL Old school Fatah WB or HAMAS brand Caliphate rocket brigades in Gaza) - is less than a 2 day bus ride from the furthest reaches of Syria - no less. Is Suriya al B'Ath exploiting and horribly using these people as resources?

"Syria is a destination country for women from South and Southeast Asia and
Africa for domestic servitude and from Eastern Europe and Iraq for sexual
exploitation; women are recruited for work in Syria as domestic servants, but
some face conditions of exploitation and involuntary servitude including long
hours, non-payment of wages, withholding of passports and other restrictions on
movement, and physical and sexual abuse; Eastern European women recruited for
work in Syria as cabaret dancers are not permitted to leave their work premises
without permission and have their passports withheld; some displaced Iraqi women
and children are reportedly forced into sexual exploitation."

Realistically cramming notes from the fallout from the Great Satan's best guess, Syria's Dr General President for Life unrealistically refuses the ultimate temptation for ultimate control. Al Assad's

"not interested in nuclear weapons or a nuclear facility"
Veto powered Democracies with saavy tech minded real military projection are through being played. too. Dissing Darling Nikki's democratic dire

"I have reached the end of the road with Assad. Words alone won't suffice, I
want actions."
For years Syria has played the game and may now be played out. Blowing bridges in Annapolis, host of the 2007 Axis of Evil WMD Fest (such a shame - all those irreplaceble techs from NoKo, Iran and Syria - dying and disappearing in tragic accidents, IDF Commando raids and IAF airstrikes) bunker building, troop training deal with oathbreaking nuclear NoKo - Syria is using up favors at an alarming rate.

Totally dissed and proven to NOT be in control Al Assad is desperately trying to maintain some - any - type of command over her semifree neighbor Lebanon.
Bashar calls on Vlad (hoping success in retaining power rubs off) and books bail on the strangely off course Black Sea Flotilla docked Syrian seaside - just in case.)

Expanding AOE ties by hooking up with Hiz'B'Allah and swearing an oath of inherited allegiance to Iran,

"... relations will not be shaken for any reason or under any circumstance."
A three year open reason for the season on Lebanese politicians may bear a frightening price:
Especially since Syria's best buds in pragmatic preacherville Tehran were just let off the hook.

Will the mullahs dare risk open involvement - or covert (since in every case Irans bloody hands have been uncovered) even as their isolated strategic assets and allies are dismantled, disarmed and regime changed?


Verlin Martin said...

Another great post GSGF. Assad has always been the unloved cousin of the ME and now he's acting like it.

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Merry Christmas!

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A very Merry Christmas to Great Satan's Girlfriend!