Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Web Wars

Ahmadinejad After Dark - Iran's missile man's very own website, is actually a let down. No fiery bombast associated to the little guy handpicked to preside over a computerized police state. Proppaganda pregnant intermittant posts months apart and a lively sectione la commentarie'.

It's also fake as heck - no way near the scary rhetoric and provocative drama dramatically dramatized by the gay free Islamic Republic's pirate president's personal appearances.

About as exciting as clicking over to the Golf Channel or Canadian Parliment TV, it serves as a bizarro example of life and communcations in a society ruled by an illegitimate, unelected regime.

The Supreme Leader is online even as Iran leads unfree lands in ruthlessly pursuing dissent, restricting info tech, freedom, "Western Influences" and of course hot bikes.

"The plan to act against various motorcyclists in Tehran’s main routes has
This is significant - Iran's pop is experiencing a youth bulge - historically dangerous for cliches and cabals that rule by control of the masses. Currently able to contain Iran's periodic student outbursts - more tech hungry and saavy kids in an unfree land with a literacy rate nigh 80% argue the future is change.

Nearly 65 million people can testify that living in a preachers paradise totally sucks. Strong medicine for Ayatollah' s, mullah's and by extention - corrupt royalty in Ray Bans and Presidents for Life in Ray Bans.

By flaunting faux government hip cred online, while denying hip cred on her own streets the mullah's make a real case for defining their two faced leadership as an Islamic Reactionary Revolutionary Republic. This is totally retarded. How much hip, street cred can a regime project when the interior features the Mullah's Fashion Posse launching

"operations" against boots over the trousers and using hats instead of scarfs

Media control - access and content - in the New Millenium is crucial. Desperate unelected leaders (who offer only wars, weariness and want) need online control to survive.

"The government is trying to create a digital border to stop culture and news
coming from abroad-a vision of the Net which is worrying for the country's
7.5 million online (2nd only to the Little Satan in all the ME) and best guess at 100K blogs might be the way to spead the news. Web security in Iran is vital. Ramazanali Sadeqzadeh perfectly illustrates by listing targets - online - no less -

The Supreme Cultural Revolution Council monitors the filtering of Web sites.
Intelligence and Security Ministry, the Islamic Culture and Guidance Ministry,
and Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Its decision to filter a site is
relayed to the Communication and Information Technology Ministry.
Fronting $75 million in a cyber regime change, the Great Satan knows the irresistable appeal and pull She effortlessly wields and spells it out loud

"to support the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy in
their country."
Homegrown humanitarian Hadi Ghaemi reports Iran's Internet Police have their hands full, wastefully consuming resources, cash, hardware and brainpower

"They are obsessed with the perception that the U.S. is fueling a velvet
revolution through this money."

The Great Satan's military cyber warfare brigade is on the case - called "Project Checkmate" General Thomas McInerney confirms the Mullah's have a lot to worry about:
"There is no question that we can take out Iran. The problem is the follow-on,
the velvet revolution that needs to be created so the Iranian people know it’s
not aimed at them, but at the Iranian regime."
Despotic smoke screens desperate to acquire the net's core codes are overt covert ops that fool no one. Milton Mueller, a professor at Syracuse University, advises restraint. In the New Millenium despots are severely dissed, distressed and disadvantged

"Critical Internet resources are truly global governance issue."
Hypocritical as Iran's Mullah's online are - they are far more lively than their Best Friend For Ever Bashar website. Unlimited access to the world outside Syria is a terrible threat to al Assad's self imposed isolation.

Fear of another avenue of the Little Satan's espionage expertise cracking down on the web this incident inspires little confidence in the Lion of Syria. After all, if the regime in Damascus can't handle Face Book - it certainly couldn't handle free inquiry or a Syrian citizeny informed and independent.

Like Iran's two faced web - Al Assad shares another risable rich twist - the Dr. General President for Life is also the cyber caliphate for all online activity with his very own Syria Computer Society. A PR creation of his when he assumed power in Syria to reach out to the world and reform Syrian society. Ammar al-Qurabi, head of the National Association for Human Rights explains how the Computer Society operates now

"There is now an 'Internet political crimes' ward at one prison. Internet cafes
have been required to limit their communications services."

Other limited communication services include all foreign online activities from Hotmail to regional links like Lebanese daily an-Nahar, Al Jezeera and Palestinian al-Quds al-Arabi.

Creepy discrepancies, social crackdowns and simularities - fashion police, religious police, secret police, ministries of virtue and vice prevention, Supreme Leaders and Computer Societies. One regime secular in a semi practical cost analysis, illegitimate, intolerant dictatorship and one theocratic regime in a semi practical cost analysis, illegitimate intolerant dictatorship.


Karen said...

I can't tell you how much fun your posts are to read. You are spot on in assessment and a clever writer. It all melds together into good reading.

Keep up the great posts!

Paul Champagne said...

The problem that the mullahs are going to have in Iran is definitely the education level of the people ... the smarter the people get, the less likely they are going to stand for the idiocy that goes down in their government.

It is only a matter of time before a popular uprising brings Iran a secular government ... the only question is, will it be too late? Will the mullahs already have gotten nuclear weapons and started WWIII?

Anonymous said...

Another great post. Thanks!

Iran does have a very intelligent population. A friend of mine came to the states when he was 14 (1986). He had a great education there, is smart, and has alot going for him. Of course he also thought that the entire Congress was Jewish until he met me in 2000 (among other interesting factoids).
Smart people can also cling to and support evil regimes. I'm not so sure of a secular revolution.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Karen - I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me. Thank you very much is not a big enough word. Karen created and writes at an awesome site called Pondering Penguin. It can be found on GrEaT sAtAn'S HoOtChIeS LiNkS.

Hi Paul - Totally correct as is the quiz - will Iran rejoin the world before her mullah's (whose practicality and pragmatism are still suspect) deploy nukes? Thanks for making that case.

YJM - Hi! Maybe so. OTOH, there is something about secularism that has the mullah's flat out freaked out - imprisoning people for unbridled access to the web indicates they fear fun, facts and clear uncensored communications.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

It took a revolution of students 30 years's getting to be about that time again...

Regardless how things end out, Momo and the Mullahs have their hands full keeping information out.