Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best Guess

Well, it's official - The latest Nat'l Intell Estimate confides in 2003 that Iraq wasn't the only cult of personality player tripping when the Great Satan's Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced.

The Islamic Republic's box seats got an eyefull as legitimate, democratic, veto powered Hoes were pimped, tricked and bribed into ultimately shielding nothing for the largest Arab army in history along with a hideously au currant absolute despot.

Utterly regime changed by the spiritual sons of Guadacanal and the Rock of the Marne in 20 days, it also sent a wonderful message:

Iraq proved that WMDepots often function magnetically and attract regime killing regime change.
The law of unintended sweet consequences totally kicked. Colonel K'Daffy 'fessed up and gave up - surrendering Libya's secret wmd to Great Britain. The NIE reports Iran was tripping too.

"...covert nuclear weapons program was halted at the same time the Iranians
publicly announced that they were suspending their public and declared
uranium enrichment program..."
The EU can testify to what a suspending failure the Enrichment Interruptus Cordiale' Paris was declared. Iran's brand new nuke dude dissed all previous public announcements, accords and left the UN and the EU depressed.

The NIE 2007 reveals the irresistable appeal of the Great Satan - her seductive powers are undeniable - super spies in the mix contributed mightily in August 2007.

Iran's Intelligence Ministry (busy with their own Nat'l Intell Guesstimate with terms like encirclement, isolation, defecting and missing Revo Guard Officers) proved Sharansky's model of unfree socities desperately needing internal enemies. After internal investigation they busted and

"...charged Hossein Musavian, a former senior nuclear negotiator, with passing
classified information to the British..."

Perfidious Albion! Passing the intell along influences the Great Satan's best guess 2007. American Intell calls it a

"...a great discovery, and they've analyzed the discovery..."
Without referencing the Little Satan's airstrike in Syria, The Great Satans intelligence community is busy employing such delish intell on many fronts including regime change by encouraging splits in the Mullah's powerbases.

"Ahmadinejad blasted critics of his nuclear policies as "traitors" and accused
them of spying for Iran's enemies, using his strongest rhetoric yet against
domestic opponents and raising concerns of a possible crackdown.

The NIE states that:

only an Iranian political decision to abandon a nuclear weapons objective would
plausibly keep Iran from eventually producing nuclear weapons—and such a
decision is inherently reversible.

International diplomacy that the Great Satan deals with India recently sheds interesting light. State department sources reveal that Nicky Burns India incident sends calculated, informed, signals:

"In short, the civil nuclear agreement serves the national security interests of
the United States. It has already become the symbolic centerpiece of the new
U.S.-India friendship and is wildly popular among millions of Indians who see it
as a mark of U.S. respect for India. It will also send a powerful message to nuclear outlaws such as Iran: if you play by the rules, as India has, you will be rewarded; if you do not, you will face sanctions and isolation."

Highly classified, unreleased portions of the NIE 2007 prove the Great Satan's words are carefully chosen and echo the Little Satan

"Iran was dangerous. Iran is dangerous. And Iran will be dangerous"

Created by the Great Satan's best - military, intelligence, diplomatic and economic in a climate controlled environment - no less - America's Best Guess 2007 alledgedly includes:

"...target lists in theaters where the use of force is a real possibility. The
devotion of intelligence to military uses also reflects the increasing frequency
with which the military is being called upon by policymakers in situations
ranging from countering classic aggression to dealing with the humanitarian
problems caused by failed states and civil war. It also speaks to the fact that
defense needs are rarely met by information produced by non-dedicated assets..."

Deflecting and defusing these designs are actually quite simple:

"Iran has to indicate a willingness to sit down and negotiate. And that's what
we have not yet seen."



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Roger W. Gardner said...

Jeeez! I guess you have been a busy little girl! My God, I'm going to have to spend the next month catching up on your new stuff. LOL

This one was wonderful. Absolutely great.

You've really nailed your devilish persona and taken off with it.

For me the messages in that intel were pretty much the same: 1. We don't really know for sure what they're up to. 2. They're probably still up to no good. 3. Sudden
violent Yankee power scared the crap out of them and caused them to immediately make some major course corrections.

We have to remember this valuable lesson the next time some pacifist lib says that War Is Never The Answer.

Also -- love all your new pics! Especially the one with you in the middle of all those jihadi warriors!

Gutsy little girl you are.


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

The IAEA process that Iran has been going through is negotiation to them. Intel can be such a mind-twist; one day some are all up in arms because of its mistakes, the next minute they are being praised with their good intel.

How does the saying go..."being aware of what you don't know?" They have taken what they don't know and fudged and tweaked it to become a matter of "we have quite a few years time..." no worries. More caution would be nice when it comes to being too comfortable with what is not known; but then again we get the media versionsssss of the NIE, right?

I wonder how many cooks are in the kitchen?

Let's hope they see the right kind of "light."

Right Truth said...

Another wonderful post. Too many cooks in the kitchen for sure, and not enough human intelligence on the ground. What is not known, but probably in the CLASSIFIED version of the NIE report (according to people I know who have actually read the classified version), ... is that Iran is still working toward nuclear weapons in every other way that counts.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

As they say in the south,"Something's fishy about that report".


Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for the nice post, Courtney!

I'll be looking into the issue further, and will update you. Keep it up!

Karen Townsend said...

Great post. I am waiting for the Intelligence to get back into the intelligence community. The career schmucks at the State Dept are still pushing their own little version of Bush Derangement. Iran's still a problem and to think otherwise is sticking your head in the sand. And, suicide for Israel.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Snake Hunters! Hi Thanks for the offer. I saw your profile says WWII 10th Mountain Division Italy.

Thank you will never be a big enough word, or a complete phrase for the gratitude of America. You put your life on hold, deployed overseas and incinerated our enemies and then returned and built this awesome place.

10th Mountain was one of the American divisions that made Germany scream God! Please! Stop!

Today 10th Mountain is still one of the Great Satan's regime changers busy in Afghanistan and according to unverified reports - Pakistan.

Your influence and prestige still with them today.

Roger! Hey! Missed you. Thank you for the encouragement to step out and speak out. Love your point -America unbound by the UN, the EU the G7, the G8 and NATO right next door blatantly regime changing Iraq freaked out the Mullahs? Heck, I could have told them that!

Blandly! Correct. Inappropiate handwringers are more fickle than sophomores. I agree with you and Ex Sec Rumsfeld - "known unknowns and unknown unknowns."
Looking forward to your arti at Political Grind.

Hi Debbie - Girl - you wrote the book on the NIE @Right Truth! Sweet post. Thanks for the inspiration. You are correct - the NIE 2007 will be taken down by most Americans - especially those in the Great Satan's new media. Perhaps Iran did freak in 2003. Yet I wouldn't bet they were not encouraged by events since then to fire it up again. You are correct -it's the enrichment that is crucial. And with an alledged 300K centrifuges online 24/7? YiKeS!

Hi Butch - LOL! True enough - we also have several more in Hillbillyland - like "hog wash!"

Hi Donald - thank you for thinking of me. Donald runs an awesome site called American Power - it's on the GrEaT sAtAn'S iNtElLiGeNtSiA links. Check it daily.

Hi Karen - "waiting for the Intelligence to get back into the intelligence" No doubt! The NIE 2007 was out of date before it's release.
The NIE 2007 calls for diplomacy the day after the Iranian nuke guy negotiator
(v2.0) hurt the EU and UN's feelings - almost made the UN's cat cry - and this was in the Sunday's NYT - no less. Talk about the umpire's new clothes...